Picture of How to Cover a Pot Pie Crust for Perfect Baking
Instructions for baking a pot pie usually recommend covering the edge of the crust with cooking foil. This sounds easy, but the normal method of tearing off a strip and trying to wrap it around a round pie does not work well.

Even a small pot pie will require at least two strips, and the flat strips do not bend around the circumference of a circular shape.

Here are the instructions for how to do it better. This technique will take only a little more time than the rough-and-ready method, and the results are perfect!

Here is my pot pie, wrapped with foil and ready for baking:
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Step 1: Read the Directions

Picture of Read the Directions
Directions for baking a pot pie usually recommend that you wrap the crust edge with a strip of aluminum foil. I will show you a good method of doing this.

Wrapping the crust edge is recommended for all kinds of pies: fruit pies and meat pies, frozen and fresh, homemade and store-bought.

Without wrapping the crust, the edges will likely burn if you try to bake the pie until the center crust is browned. The crust edge is thinner and easily burns. If you shorten the recommended time for baking, the crust edge may brown just fine, but the center crust will be underdone.

This issue is even more important for meat pies. Meat must reach a certain internal temperature to ensure that it is fully cooked...any thing less increases the chance of ingesting parasites or harmful bacteria. To reach the recommended internal temperature requires baking the full amount of time at the proper oven temperature. This will likely burn the crust edges unless you cover them with foil.

Step 2: Assemble Your Supplies

Picture of Assemble Your Supplies
You will need:
- aluminum cooking foil
- scissors or cooking shears
- pot pie (any flavor, any size, fresh or frozen, homemade or store-bought)
- about five minutes of time.

Step 3: Tear Off a Piece of Foil

Picture of Tear Off a Piece of Foil
Tear off a square of foil, about one-inch larger than the diameter of your pie. This six-inch pie required a square of foil about seven inches square.

Step 4: First Fold

Picture of First Fold
Fold the top right corner diagonally down to align with the bottom edge. This will roughly form a triangular shape.

I agree wrapping foil around the edge is a great idea. But it's much better to wrap foil on the crusts near the end of the baking time, when the pie is a little less fragile.

MiltReynolds (author)  lesley.young.71406 months ago
That makes a lot of sense. The edges of the frozen pie are quite fragile. Maybe prepare the protective foil covers but wrap them towards the end of the backing time? Maybe last 15 minutes?