Step 5: Top Coat

Now that your nails are nail and dry, layer over your top coat. This will make your nails last longer and give it more shine.

Let them sit until they're completely dry, try around 3-4 minutes.

<p>love this and I am not great at nails but I think.... I can do this</p>
Soo pretty. I wanna try this.<br><br>http://lushluxelovely.blogspot.com/
Fabulous!! Thanks ^_^
i love how you used a pain brush for painting on the details! i have been trying to paint little lines with a tooth pick but it just doesn't do the trick! GREAT IDEA! &lt;3
Sooooooooooooooo cute =D If i was a girl i would do this strait away. girls are lucky
eh, go ahead and do it any way. who cares what everyone else thinks, as long as you like it!
I don't know there's a costume party that my friends holding soon maybe i could incorporate them into a costume.
glad to see that my ible helped!! :D
i looooove it it works perfectly!
I almost bought these leopard print sticker things that you heat onto your nails. they cost $16 and only last a couple of days.... im totally gonna try this instead!
nice!<br />

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