This is one of the oldest arts, painting on wood. In use since ancient times with the pharohs or Egypt, this classic art is still a lot of fun to do today. You will need:

Oil Paints (I like Wilson as they make a line of oil paints that mixes well with water)
Pallette to Mix Colors
Paper Towels if Necessary

Step 1: Select and Prepare the Wood

Get your wood ready to paint. In our case, we used pre-cut pine blocks. Several of the group painters also like to use oak, cedar, or wood scraps from the Techshop scrap bins. Any natural wood will work. I like to paint hardwoods as they have a tighter grain. I will often sand the wood before painting to make sure it absorbs the paint better.

Step 2: Paint Wood

Mix your paints and pick-up a brush. After you finish, allow 2-4 weeks for the oil paint to completely dry. Some people finish their oil paints with lintseed oil to give it a polish. This is one of my favorite lazy Sunday activities because it seems to primal. You can think that people thousands of years ago were painting too.

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