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In this instructable I will teach you how to draw a simple object in Autodesk Inventor and save it as a .dxf file for use with a CNC Plasma Cutter.

You will need:

1) Access to Autodesk Inventor Software (Available on all computers at any TECHSHOP location!)

Step 1: Let's Begin

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So first your going to open up the Autodesk Inventor Software.  Select the "New" icon in the top left hand corner of the inventor screen.  Then select the standard.ipt icon in the screen that pops up. Once the screen is finished loading you're going to select the rectangle icon in the top left hand corner of the screen.  Click once at any point on the screen and then click once more on the opposite side above or below your original point to create a rectangle.  The rectangle should be green now.  It doesn't matter what size your rectangle is, we are going to change the dimensions anyway.
OlivierM111 months ago

GREAT Tuto!!!

El mane2 years ago
hey man! very useful tutorial, but i was wondering: what if i have more than one figure? how do i export all of them in the same .dxf file? thanks