How to Create AWESOME text on

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This is my first instructable and it is an adaption of a tutorial on the forum. I hope you enjoy my tutorial and Recreate it yourself.

Final result:
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Step 1: The Mask

Picture of The Mask
First create a canvas that is 600x600 pixels. Add a new layer and write your text in Impact font, size: 200 Bold, Color Hex: 7f7f7f.

Use the Align object Plugin to center the Text or just do it manually.

on the text layer goto brightness and contrast:

contrast: 100

Brightness: -100

Flatten image and invert the colors (Ctrl + shift + I)

Save as "mask" , file type: PNG

Step 2: 3D-ifying the text

Picture of 3D-ifying the text
Now hit edit undo a ton of times until your back at the gray text and white background on separate layers. Now duplicate the text layer And apply a median blur with these settings:

Radius: 11
Percentile: 3

Now we are going to apply a few different Drop shadows to the top Text layer.
1st Drop Shadow:
Offset X: 1
Offset Y: 1
Blur Radius: 0
Color: Black
Keep original image: Yes

Now hit Ctrl+F 4 times.

2nd Drop Shadow:
Offset X: -1
Offset Y: -1
Blur Radius: 0
Color: White
Keep original image: Yes

Hit Ctrl+F 4 times again.

Now Gaussian Blur the top text layer by 20 pixels

Use the Alpha Mask Effect and select the mask image we made earlier. This gives us a nice 3D embossed text effect.
roksraka6 years ago
Why did you enter the ROBOT competition with this instructable?!? It has nothing to do with robots (or robotics)!
foobear6 years ago
Thanks for this, I didn't know about Very nice free program. One huge suggestion: please put the plugin links at the front of the instructable. I spent a lot of time searching around their web site trying to find the median blur, drop shadow and various other plugins, which was a pita. Thanks
foobear foobear6 years ago
BTW, please show us how you colorized it with the rgb curves, cause my looks rather crappy. Thank you
menace6 years ago
Is this part of a robot? If not then you should probably just normally post it. I like the instructable regardless, though!
KGentertainment (author)  menace6 years ago
I'm new here and Im not exactly sure of all the rules. regardless of that I saw a tutorial on how to make a flapjack in here so I thought you could just post random things in here.