Do you need some Funky....Wacked out styles for Halloween,Birthday or New Years eve?Heres how you can do it Yourself!

2 Wire Hangers
1 Pair of Wire Cutters
10 Hair RubberBands (Not Hair ties,Bands)

Step 1: Cut

Take the Two Wire hangers and The wire cutters.
Now grab one hanger and Cut the Bottom part off of both Hangers.
Wow! this is awesome... after so much strain done to your hair, you should check out my cocoanut milk hair mask!! <br> https://www.instructables.com/id/Cocoanut-Milk-Hair-Mask/
Ahaha! Great Idea! See if you pull your Creative Skills out of your noodle, you can create even More Fun EASY Costumes!
I can so see myself using this idea, and making a latex-hoods over them to make them look like horns for a succubus- or a minotaur- (or faun-) costume!
That's really fun! Great hair!
Thank You so Much! I did this for My school's crazy Hair day! :)

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