Picture of How to Create Homepage Images
As you may have noticed, Instructables has a new homepage!
So, Instructables is giving you the power to create new Images.

That's right, we want you to contribute to Instructables' new homepage!
Just make sure to put some decent effort into it, because we're only going to use the images that we like.

Step 1: Download the Template

Picture of Download the Template
First, you're going to need to download the Homepage Template.

There are two templates, one is for Adobe Photoshop, the other is for The GIMP.
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Vachan jnkvpj4 months ago
Thanks bro
And another:D
Is that an instuctable?
It's actually a hobby...
I do it sometimes... I love it when there are people watching while I say that all i wanted was some grapes...
zascecs6 years ago
This is the link to my Instructable.
nicolasjara6 years ago
This is my first homepage image from my first Instructable.
Enjoy it...............................(and vote it)
Can anyone do these for me?

You can use any picture in the iBle that you think is best.
Here's one.
Sweet, thanks!
puffyfluff7 years ago
Does it still work with the newest layout, the one with the slideshow of images?
slimguy3797 years ago
I'm not able to open the "template" for gimp (i'm running gimp 2)
Does GIMP work with a Mac? I don't have photoshop (I think). Would any of you be willing to do one for me? Preferably of the Roy Rogers or Hovercraft, but any other is fine.
add syrup.JPGrr st 2.JPGC:\Documents and Settings\Connor Smith\My Documents\My Pictures\launch.jpgE:\personal\hovercraft.jpgE:\personal\hovercraft2.jpg

I made some images for you, enjoy. Also you can get GIMP to work on a Mac, Go here to find out more information.

randofo louey7 years ago
Really? Cool!
Woot! but i notice that my images are unusually grainy compared to the others. I set the quality to 40% in GIMP but it seems that the area around the text is blurry and grainy. Am i doing something wrong?
T3h_Muffinator (author)  louey7 years ago
Nope, that generally happens - it may just be more noticeable on your images because of your background color selection.
Should I change the quality setting to something other than 40% ?
Cool! Thanks!
Patrik7 years ago
Is there a better interface for submitting these images yet?

Anyway - I don't know if we're doing Homepage Images for Slideshow submission yet, but if we do, here's one for My first woodturning project(s)...

Zorink Patrik7 years ago
If we're doing slideshows, here's one for my companion cube
wcc header.jpg
Arbitror7 years ago
benthekahn7 years ago
well, heres mine. Check out the instructable here.

T3h_Muffinator (author)  benthekahn7 years ago
It's pretty good, but the image is all stretched out. Think you could replace it with the original?
I made one. :D
I have two That I just did! I love this Template!!! It would be so cool to someday see either of these on the front page!! My cat would definitely have to see for himself, he just wouldn't believe me.
These are both of my instructables:

The First one

Second One

Please let me know what you think. I don't think there is anything out of place on either of them, but I may be overlooking something.

GibbonsRock7 years ago
Hi Gang! I'm trying to create a homepage image but I'm a mere white belt in Photoshop-Fu. My base image is a bit undersized (640 instead of 700 pixels) ...is that terrible? Also, my instructible ID is very long- too long for a file name. Can I abbreviate it for the file name? Sorry for the noob questions! Thanks in Advance! -Jim
T3h_Muffinator (author)  GibbonsRock7 years ago
I wouldn't worry about the Id title, whatever you have is fine. I really think you should have 700px minimum, 'cause that's the size of the banner on the homepage. If your picture gradually fades to a certain color, you're welcome to extend the photo w/ a rectangle of that color, so long as it looks good (and feel free to edit the image on that border so it looks nice). Sorry for answering so late! -Josh
Hiya Josh, No worries on the lateness- I appreciate your help with this! This was my first instructible and I'm excited about getting the word out. Anyhoo....I got ahold of the original image, and here's what I came up with. Whattaya think? Cheers, Jim
T3h_Muffinator (author)  GibbonsRock7 years ago
Did it get posted? I've been refreshing the main page and never see it. In other news, refreshing the main page is a fantastic way to find new instructibles! It's really neat what people have come up with! is there way to link to instructibles.com so that graphic is on the front page? A couple chameleon newsletters have asked for a link elaborating our setup. Thanks again for all your help! -Jim
T3h_Muffinator (author)  GibbonsRock7 years ago
I don't do the posting, so I'm not sure. Sorry!
marc927 years ago
Here's one for my latest Instructable

If someone is going to post this, please do it soon because, this instructable will only be relevant for the next few weeks.
dsman1952767 years ago
hows this? i had to cut out part of the picture so you could see the text.
you changed the font and you added a white background to the text. you're supposed to use the same format they give you.
my pic is naturaly black and white so i had to add a white background to make the text be able to be read. also my photo editor is weird. as far as i know i cant change the type of text. it makes the pic in layers. the test was one layer and i could not edit it.
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