Picture of How to Create PDF on Mac Step by Step
Maybe you have received an important email message or email attachment and want to save them as PDF. Then how to make a PDF document on Mac? You probably know that you can create PDF files with Preview, however, Preview doesn't support batch process.

iPubsoft PDF Creator for Mac is a simple, lightweight, drag-and-drop application that will allow you to make a PDF document from image and text files. The most attractive point is its facilitating batch mode processing, which can save you much time if you have a number of files to be dealt with. Following are simple steps to tell you how to make PDF files on Mac OS X with this powerful program.
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Step 1: Import Image or Text File(s)

Picture of Import Image or Text File(s)
After launching the program, the first thing is to choose conversion type: Image to PDF or Text to PDF. In Image to PDF mode, you can convert JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF, TIFF as well as other image types to PDF format. In Text to PDF, you can get a created PDF from plain TXT files.

Click Add File to import your desired pictures or text files. If you have a whole folder for conversion, hit the Add Folder button to load what you want. If the files are successfully imported, you can see the file information listed in the file list like the file name, size, etc.

Also, you can add files from the menu. Click File - > Add File(s) or Add Folder ... to browse and locate what you need.


Step 2: Customize Output Folder

Select an output directory for saving your created PDF by hitting the small ellipse button - Browse.

Step 3: Start PDF Creation

Once all necessary settings done, you can click the bottom right button Start to begin creating PDF files on Mac. A few seconds later, the process can be finished. Now you can hit the Open button to view the result.

Step 4: Merge (Optional)

Picture of Merge (Optional)
Sometimes, you may need to merge multiple image files or text files into one single PDF document. The merge function of iPubsoft will be helpful.
macrumpton2 years ago
For just creating a simple pdf of a webpage or any other document, you can just hit the pdf button in any print dialog box, and it will print to a pdf file.
mh76dk2 years ago
If you have just a little html experience (or a html editor) and arent afraid of the commandline - there is a free alternative here:

(i do not use mac, nor have a tried this particular *2pdf software - but i think it is only fair to list *completely* free to use alternatives - though searching the web will likely reveal plenty others (esp. those "imported" from the unix-world))