I'm no expert in this field, I'm an amateur, but I can give you a blow-by-blow guide to how to create reasonably priced simple facial prosthesis for Halloween or other occasions.

I began honing my skills in a local haunted hay-ride(Trails to Terror at Highland Farms), they basically said "here's the stuff, you do it." So through trial and error I learned the way of making freaky prosthesis.

This instructable still under construction. Sorry I wish I had a more visual approach, and I will, for now it's going to be mostly words. Any suggestions are fully welcomed just shoot me a message. Thank you very much and I hope what's here is helpful.

Step 1: Procure the Necessary Materials

So, what you'll need is simple

Liquid Latex: This stuff isn't exactly cheap but you won't need a huge supply. I used about 2 liquid ounces of the stuff over the course of 5 separate haunts.
Note:It's a lot cheaper to buy in bulk online, it's cheaper online even if you DON'T buy in bulk.

I Paid: $19.99 American for a 4.5 oz bottle, I overpaid from a costume shop.

Toilette Paper/Paper Towel: This is found in just about every household, I even nabbed some from a local grocery because I was broke and didn't feel like stealing from family. This will provide a matrix for the Liquid Latex to adhere to and build on.

I Paid: Free

Foam Sponge(s): This is for the more squeamish in applying make up/liquid latex, as I have found plenty of success of using just my fingers(however is a larger mess)

I didn't use, but you can buy some for: 8 sponges for $4.50

Optional Items

Cotton Swabs/Artificial Webbing: These items are easier to manipulate than just paper product.

Mirror: I would greatly suggest using one of these, however useful this is in creating symmetry in your prosthesis it isn't needed especially if you're not making it on your face.

Blow Dryer/Large Fan: This helps harden the latex quicker, air dry does just fine though.

Clay/Flat Non-Stick Surface: This is if you want to make the prosthesis off of the face. I prefer not using these because it's a snugger fit if it's made on the face. Clay comes in useful when it comes to sculpting more complicated effects.

Vaseline: Not for a moisturizer or lubricant, this time you choose to use it as a way to keep all original hair on your body.

Make-up: to hide you can use whatever color you see fit,
<p>in stead of tissue you can use flour as it give a silicon feel to the skin </p>
Can I buy 3rd degree at any store or does it have to come from a factory?
These are incredible. You're really talented with makeup to be able to make these so realistic.
Another thing is I have a little bit of facial hair. Do you apply the liquid latex directly over the Vaseline? Or how does that work?
Generally you either shave, add vaseline(just enough to coat the hair), or grin and bare it. It shouldn't take much vaseline to cover some facial hair.
So all of these prosthesis are made from toilet paper?
Either toilet paper or simple cotton balls, you can always add texture with other membranes but those are the 2 that I use.
Thats a super creative way of creating prosthetics, im all for saving money! When your applying your prosthetic though, you might want to use Pros-aide, its alot less harsh on the skin than liquid latex, and easier to remove! Its a medical adhesive (who the hell knows what they would use it for in medicine) but it works great for prosthetics, trick is though, make sure you apply your Pros aide, onto your piece, the skin, and blow dry both. Pros-aide will only adhere once it is dry, It can be loosened with 99% alcohol, or for a much more pleasent clean up, use Neutrogena Sesamea Body Oil. as rediculous as this may sound, it works wonders. Also, if your getting any beads in your blood, add dishsoap or vodka if its in the mouth! Happy Haunting!!
You can use spirit gum adhesive to reapply the prosthetic, and use spirit gum remover or something like it to remove it. Thats what I do anyway.
Yeah, I know that but the farm didn't supply us with any. However, we did have a fair amount of liquid latex, and you don't need a remover to take the latex off it just peels off nice and easy... well for me it does. A lot of people don't like the peeling off part, they have sensitive skin I guess, so for those who don't like that part they can use the spirit gum and remover for about $8 USD.
OH ya when you first apply it it's really easy to take off but when you reapply with the spirit gum you need the remover usually, which is what I was talking about.
Great job on the tutorial. I just hope I can get all the product and have similar effect. Here's an easy way out to scare your friends too..hehe<br/><div class="wikierror"><strong>Video</strong><pre>invalid movie: http://www.break.com/usercontent/2008/11/How-NOT-to-scare-your-brother-598235.html</pre></div><br/>
Great job, very well written and the photos really help. Did you just use makeup to color your work or is there something else that's better?
The final pictures are all from a haunted hayride i worked for, so they did the coloring. They used air-guns and body paint. Grease paint will work just as well just make sure you put a light layer of talc or baby powder over it so as not to smear.
There's a store around the corner from me that sells every prosthetic-making supply you'd ever need. I got a quart can of liquid latex for $16.00 the other day. The previous can I bought lasted about 6 years (only doing prosthetics for the Halloween season, of course). They have a web presence, but you have to call them to place an order. The website is <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.russsimpson.com.">http://www.russsimpson.com.</a> Yes, that's 3 s's. :P<br/>
Great 'ible! This is the same method I use for my prosthetics and I always get a lot of compliments. As for using spirit glue, I find that removing liquid latex is a much more pleasant experience than removing spirit glue. You can also just use Pro-adhesive, which is supposed to be the best option, but I've yet to personally try it out,
Thank you very much, I've only been using latex for the month of October myself. Besides that fact I received many compliments from fellow haunters and audience members alike. I personally like latex because you can use it to blend the edges, it comes off easily, and you don't need to apply extra chemicals to your face to remove it.
Totally. When I first started years ago, I didn't use it because I didn't know how to. Once I found tutorials online on how to use it, it rocked my prosthetics world.
MY LORD! $19.00 FOR 4.5 oz.! I bought a 16oz for like 12 bucks. i call that ripped off. :D
I KNOW it's a total rip, but it's a small state and not many people actually use the stuff often, so I guess that means they can ask for any price they want!
Such talent and imagination just love this site looks so spooky ....
I'm glad you enjoyed, and I hope that this helped(or was at least entertaining).
Nice job! I made a two-face costume. Using liquid latex, and got lots of screams.
thats cool

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