Introduction: How to Create Teleportation Pods in Minecraft

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This guide will teach you how to make pods that can teleport you to and from one another in Minecraft.

Step 1: Get the Materials

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These are all the materials you will need to create a teleportation pod.

Step 2: Get a Command Block

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You can get a command block in minecraft by typing the command /give *your player name here* command_block.

Step 3: Build the Teleportation Pods

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You can build the pods however you wish, I just chose the look that appealed to me. The block marked by red on the right is the block we will be teleporting to. The left pod shows the exterior, and the right pod shows the interior.

Step 4: Get the Coordinates

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You need to get the coordinates of each of the red blocks. You can find them simply by pressing f3, and looking to the top left of your screen where it should say X,Y, and Z and copy those values down.

Step 5: Type the Command In

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Next, type the command in by typing into your command block "tp @p X Y Z". Tp will teleport, @p means that it will teleport the nearest player. Lastly substitute the X,Y, and Z values of the other pod into both command blocks.

Step 6: Step on the Command Block

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The last step is to stand on the command block, and watch as it teleports you from one pod to another! :)


JavaProgrammer (author)2016-01-25

Cool, I think the best use of this was an instructable saw a while ago that used this to make tardis, you go inside,you get teleported to an underground room that is the "inside" of the tardis, and then you can flip different levers to get to other tardis exits.(if you like doctor who)

even without that this is still very cool and useful!

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