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So You've graduated to getting exotic with wall, floor and counter tiling?
Fair enough, here's how to C.Y.O. Listello instead of spending insane amounts of money with the big box home improvement stores or even rediculously higher than that, specialty tile shops.

It's really simple, it allows YOU to design EXACTLY what You want, and for often less than 1/6th of what You could easily spend on similar 'custom' items at those Home Improvement Stores that are simply Never Exactly what You're Looking for!


Step 1: OK, Now Let's Get started!

Picture of OK, Now Let's Get started!
So You Like What You See?
Excellent....Here's a List of the items You're going to need:
1-Mastic (that's Tile "Glue"...it's water based and easily worked with)
2-Margin Trowel (they have a comfortable handle & are shaped like a dollar bill...retangular)
3-Your selected tile (sold normally in 12"x12" sheets)
4-Shower Pan Liner (usually sold in plumbing departments, get at least 20 mil thickness), sold in 1' x 48" or 60" widths
5-Utility Knife
6-Straight Edge (level, square, ruler or quailty peice of straight lumber that's easy to handle like a 1" x 2" x-3 or 4 feet in length)
7-Safe cutting surface (plywood's great, what's shown is scrap OSB[oriented strand board])
8-Large Carpenters Square (not required, but it You already have one, they make Your cut corners Awesome)
tinker2343 years ago
these are very nice
zazenergy4 years ago
Wow, beautifully done!