I bought with some friends the amazing and truly original Fidget Cube


Some days ago I found an awesome Lego board game in my closet: Creationary

The Lego board games have a very nice dice with Lego connectors.

I decided that could be funny to create my own fidget cube Lego version.

Easy, customizable and original!

Step 1: Find a Lego Dice

You can find this kind of Lego dices inside some official Lego boards games like:


Lego batman

Lego Star wars

Lego Harry potter

Lego race

And others

Step 2: Build Your Own Stress Lego Cube

Pick some funny Lego pieces, like switches, mobile platforms pieces, wheels, chains and others. The only rule: you must put things that moves! Just experiment and improve your design!

Step 3: Use It!

Use your new Lego stress cube at your office or at home.

You probably will love to change the pieces and improve your design, just be creative!
<p>Fun design, I like these :)</p>

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