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Hello World! This is Mohit and Today I will show you how to create your own run command. This is great feature in windows that will allow you to open your application/folder/file instantly by just typing command in run window. Let's start.

Step 1: Create Shortcut

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Here you will have to create shortcut of your application/folder/file.
Right click on desktop click on new then click on shortcut and you will see one window.

Here you have to paste full path of your application/folder/file (in case of application/software, the file extension will be .exe or may be any other). Just make sure to copy full path of your application/folder/file. You can also browse that file by the browse button.

Step 2: Choose Your Application

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In my case i am going to create command to open one of the great application audacity. So just copy and paste the full path in text box and click on next. You can also select the folder/file/application by clicking on browse button.

Step 3: Set Your Run Command

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Now This step is most important to set run command. Here you have to type command name which you want to set.
In my case i want to open my application by just typing audacity. So, i have selected audacity as shortcut name. After that just click on finish.

Step 4: To Make It Work

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Now you will see one shortcut on your desktop. You just need to copy and paste it under windows directory(It might ask you for admin privileges, just click on continue if you get such a message) that is


That's it!! You are done :) To Test it just open run windows and type your command and hit enter :) Thanks for reading. Stay connected to get more. :)

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Thanks for sharing :)

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