At some point during your childhood, you believed that you were the best artist in all of you kindergarten class.  Even more so, you probably aspired to master your skills and do something great with your new-found talent, whether it is animation or design.  For me, it was making comics; and I know that I am not the only one.  For anyone out there who has ever wanted to make a comic but never knew how to, then I’m here to share the basics on how to create one of your very own.

Step 1: Brain Storm

Everything starts with an idea.  Do you want your comic to be a fantasy adventure?  Do you want to make a slice-of-life romance?  If you’re having troubles coming up with a concept, then try to find a source of inspiration.  Some people draw inspiration from their dreams while others bank on their daily, real life experiences.  Regardless of where you decide to discover your creativity, know that the idea you come up with will build the framework needed to begin your comic.
A brainstorm can be general (a character will fight a dragon and save a princess) or complex (Alex Walker is a detective in a town full of Fables).  No matter where you decide to go with your idea, know that it will probably be revised during the story board process, so don’t worry about coming up with a perfect concept on your first try.
<p>Something else to consider is how you can wrap plots together in the long run. For example one of my main characters can drain the life of others. The final antagonists reside in the realms of life and death. This means that as a final test, my main characters will have to split up, one going to the realm of life and the other to the realm of death.</p>
I just started making a manga/comic book. I created the universe, then drew out the characters, then started a story.
If that process works with you, then more power to you!! Whenever I just created a comic like that, I often lost focus. Really, this method is more for people who need help with organization. What's your manga about??

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