Picture of How to Create a Bionic Egg
yes the bionic egg I was sitting at the table thinking," I wish I could just shake and crack some awesome scrambled eggs straight out of the eggs I had" as you can see I'm rather lazy. I begin to ponder the future and the possibility of some crazy inventions on so the bionic egg was created and i began to search the web for stocks which in itself an art form. I provide everything from the .psd file, to the stocks I used, and all the settings I used in the layer styles.

Even though this is done in Photoshop, it can also be done in the free alliterative GIMP with a plugin I believe.

Please leave a comment if you leave a low rating as to why and if your just trolling or have an itching for low voting please go ahead i love you to XD. Again any questions you have about this affect drop it into the comments and i will get to it within a day usual. Also if you want help on another affect that your working on and need help send me a private message :D.

Step 1: Placing the Button

Yep open up Photoshop the size (768X1041) of the egg photo and then bring in the button. okay what I did to quickly get the button by itself I made a circle with the shape tool over the button ( you can lower the opacity of the circle layer in order to see the button better)then once the circle was the way i like it i held CTRL and left click the layer's preview ( see picture 7 with note) then I click the selection tool and right click the selected circle which a menu pops up and I pick the option "inverse selection" then I make sure the power button layer is selected on the layers panel then "delete" on my key board.
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ChrysN2 years ago
Cool, does the top open up automatically, I hate cracking eggs.
sircaptaintigerotter (author)  ChrysN2 years ago
it should XD that pokeball design is suggestive isn't it.