Step 7: Make the First Arm of the Mobile.

Cut off a 12" strand, straighten it, make a U-shaped hook and bend the hook sideways.
Thank you for this information. I would love to create one of these with rainbow painted weights. I never figured it basics out though. Thanks again.
lovely!!! Right up my street. I need to remember the tools that allow us all to create beauty. Thank you I believe.. my next idea has developed some real strong legs. Just need to gain some inexpensive materials. Keep going your good.
I love this type of moving art. You did a wonderful job with it. I am working on this same type of mobile, only I am using hand painted gourds in place of wood. I am still trying to find the perfect metal wire to use. I have been using a tourch to heat metal insulation supports(15.5" long steel), in order to bend them into the hooks and loops. Then I have to deal with the dirty burn left on the wire:(
very nice, I'll have to try this one.
Glad you like it. I hung it above a spiral staircase and it nicely mirrors the steps in an abstract artistic kind of way.
Very pretty outcome

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