Introduction: How to Create a Comic/meme Using Caption Distraction

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Tody I am going to show you guys how to make a comic/meme using the Caption Distraction app! Caption Distraction is a very usefulapp, especially if you have the full version because you can add text, speech bubbles, stickers, PIP, filters, and more!

Thanks for reading and enjoy!

Step 1: Download the App

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First you will need to install Caption Distraction from the IOS or Android app store. You can also purchase the full version, which I highly recommend!

Step 2: Select 'Create a Panel'

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Once the app is finished installing, open it up and you will see this screen. Select 'Create a Panel'.

Step 3: Select a Photo

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After you have clicked 'Create a Panel' you will be asked to either take a photo or select one from your albums. Once your done selecting a photo, click the arrow on the bottom right hand of the screen.

Step 4: Open the Menu

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Once you click the arrow you will see your picture and a few buttons. Click the right-facing arrow at the top right of the screen to get to the text editing menu. You should see a little box with three lines on the bottom left. Click on that.

Then you will see a menu pop up. Select balloons and click on whichever one you want.

Type in whatever you want and then select the right-facing arrow to continue.

Step 5: Share Your Photo!

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Now you can select any of these buttons to share your photo!


DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2016-11-12

It's always fun to try to make your own memes.

Yeah, I've made a bunch using this app :)

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