How to Create a Crack Proof Archive





Introduction: How to Create a Crack Proof Archive

You will need to use a Archive Program. I would suggest 7z Zip. Which you can download here(

Step 1: Create the Folder

After downloading and installing it reboot. Now put all the documents you want to protect into one folder.

Step 2: Creating the Archive

Now right click on the folder. Now select the "7z" option. Next click "Add to Archive". Now a window will pop-up. Now enter you password under the encryption area. Then click OK. Now you delete the other folder with the original files. Now in order to open, read, or edit them you will need to enter you password.



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    Nothing is un-crackable, hackable, and unreadable

    Are you telling us anything that the Readme / supporting documentation doesn't, or are you just telling us about 7z? Can you qualify the implied claim of "Crack Proof"? L

    Oh, yes Well there is no publicly available software that can crack AES-256. Similar to WPA-PSK can be cracked but it takes lots of skill and accuracy to successfully crack it. Just thought that the Instructables community would like to know exactly how.

    but wpa-psk CAN be easily cracked with minimal knowledge (read: reading) and the right tools (read: easily available tools). by publicly available you must me commercially available. crack-repellant :D

    Useful addition, thanks L

    Nothing is truly "crackproof." Ex: People thought the Titanic was "crackproof."