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In this instructable, I am going to show you how to create your own fake augmented reality computer. An augmented reality computer is basically a computer with a virtual 3D monitor display, as shown in the pictures below. This is really a very simple stunt to pull off. I tried it out on a friend of mine, and he fell for it completely! If you follow my instructions carefully and with a little imagination, you should be able to achieve the same effect.

So now, let's get started!

Step 1: STEP 1: The Stuff

In order to effectively pull this off, you shall need,

An old computer keyboard,

A mouse, (not the rodent kind),

Some large wrap-around sunglasses,

Some siscors,

A knife,

A sharp, pointy object like a pencil.

Now, a word about the keyboard and mouse. In order to effectively pull this off, it is ABSOLUTELY CRUCIAL that the keyboard is of a generic brand, and the mouse should also be a generic brand. What this means is that the keyboard and mouse should not say something like "Dell", "Logitech", or "Microsoft" on them. In other words, THERE SHOULD BE NO BRAND NAME VISIBLE ON THE KEYBOARD OR MOUSE. The key on the keyboard between the Ctrl and Alt button, (usually the "Microsoft" button), should be blank. (See below.) In other words, the keyboard should be compatible with all operating systems.

Now, on that note, let's start the build!
<p>10/10 really works</p>
If any of you guys wanted to make a real one you could wear a normal belt and clip a battery pack to it witch powers the glasses
<p>But what would it power in the glasses? you would also need a display.</p>
<p>S.A.O. anime</p>
ha ha! <br>That's great! <br>
Nice prank. However, your title is incorrect. Augmented reality is the overlay of data on the world around you. What you are describing is a virtual reality computer. But again, nice prank. <br>
I would actually make it work if i could get my hands on one of those pairs of glasses that look like a 70&quot; display and a raspberry pi. That would be fun. Also would need a way to transmit video and battery. So want to pull this off.
A wireless keyboard/mouse set could be used in order to do this with no destruction and complete reusability on a legitimate computer.
This is mean.
But hilarious!
SkyNet <br /> <br />=3 <br /> <br />
are equal to sheldon from the big bang theory
i would have gotten one of my friends to &quot;ACCIDENTLY&quot; smash the glasses before my other friend got a turn. Otherwise, great idea.
I've had a few mice and keyboards open for various reasons and the cable is very often not soldered in but has a little 4 pin connector on the end.<br><br>A few extra minutes to open them up and disconnect the cable nicely and you'll be able to reuse it after you're done. No need to add extra plastic waste to the world if you don't have to.
You could cut the cable without it becoming more &quot;plastic waste&quot;, turn it into a nifty belt.
That would look very neat! You should make an Instructable on that!
Excellant! I'll keep that in mind.
that's brilliant!<br>i have personally never seen those keyboards before, but they sound so cool! <br>now i can tell my sister that our keyboard is broken! she'll freak!
i've looked into actualy making one of these . though an actual working one <br>all it needs is a tiny computer , i have using a beaglebone planed , a pair of either 3D or AR glasses , a mini qwerty / touch pad thing to mount to a glove. and a battery pack . all of witch could fit within those stupid looking fanny pack things ( though i'd have to find a diffrent way to carry them XD ) <br>addinitaly i'd add in a mic so i could use voice commands too.
Excellant! I'd love to get one someday! Go for it!
same , but its like $200 for the 3D or AR glasses , and another $89 for the minicomp . and the real problem , i'm jobless DX
Look into Raspberry Pi also, cheaper than beagle.
Hehe. I pulled off a similar prank pretending my sunglasses would display an OSB over bluetooth for bike rides. I am actually working on a real version though.
Great! Hope it works!
Yeah, its going to take a while. That's for sure. Power is the problem.
i can't believe no one posted their brand name.<br>mine is NetEx ... but i think i'll have to improve the logo a bit.
I like that!
i appreciate that you posted this awesomely simple yet convincing prank. ext i think i'll try it on the public, maybe starbucks, order an ice capp...
you know, you could make this. there already exists wireless keyboards and mouses as well as glasses with a display in them. you can use a computer like a small laptop or once i remember reading about some tiny 2x2x2 cube which was a computer. add all these things together and viola!
(it's &quot;voil&agrave;&quot;. that's my french word :awesomepun: )<br><br>this other guy's comment about a on-glove keyboard seems amazing too. I actually attempted to do something like this with some clear plastic board heat-formed to a brace+handle and an old phone with a qwerty slide keyboard. Which never worked... because it didn't handle another OS, so the project aborted. <br>But your 2*2*2 thingy seems awesome for this. Thanks !
I believe you could also use acetone to dissolve the Dell, Logitech, etc. etc. logo if there is one, to save the trouble of looking for a generic brand keyboard, haha.
If you used a keyboard and mouse without a brand name, you wouldn't have to, haha.
A simple wireless keyboard and mouse set would suffice, then you wouldn't have to destroy anything. You could even do without the mouse and say it is the latest &quot;virtual touch screen technology with planar space sensing&quot; as you do virtual &quot;pinches&quot; and &quot;swipes&quot; in mid-air.
That would be hilarious!
What about use a wireless mouse?
That would work, except that I do not have a wireless mouse. Ah, psi. (Pounds per square inch.)
Nice Hack! Hope your friend enjoyed it too...
Absolutely! Who wouldn't?
Great prank. Creating a fake logo and putting it on all the components would be cool.
I'd love to do that, but I don't have the stuff to make it look realistic and not sloppy. You could try it. Just post your piectures here.
This 'ill be a lot of fun! I'll try to record my victim's face. &gt;:D
TekCo aww yeah
I agree with Aalvia.<br>Also, the mouse cable usually has a removable cable, if you care to reuse it. Just open it up for some quick surgery. And... Voila!
Now I want to see a real one...
I love this

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