Old bicycle innertubes are a fun and durable material that can be used to create lots of cool items once you know how to work with this material. This is the third in a series of projects that use innertubes as the base material. If you are new to sewing you may want to start with a Koozie and in no time you will be creating more complex items.

For this project I used 2 inner tubes for the bag. I selected thin tubes and used an old curtain for the lining.
I added a scrap piece of leather patch with a design I burnt on using a CNC laser.
You can skip the leather patch or choose another material to sew on making your bag unique. 

Don't want to make one feel free to order a bag from my etsy shop at; 

Step 1: Cut the Innertubes Lengthwise

Prepare the innertubes by cutting them lengthwise.
Most tubes have lines you can follow to make a straight cut. 
<p>Thanx for reminding me that innertubes are great stuff to work with - once I repaired a waterleak with it! ;) </p><p>Ready to use in my next I'ble!</p>

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