How to Create a Great Look for New Years Eve With Dramatic Makeup



Introduction: How to Create a Great Look for New Years Eve With Dramatic Makeup  Here's how to get a dramatic holiday or New Year's Eve look with bold eye makeup.


1.Start clean: Wash and moisturize your face. Use some primer to fill in any fine lines.

2.Blush: Use a big blush brush to contour your cheekbones. Don't be shy, really draw a strong line.

3.Color the eyelid: Start filling in your lower lid with a deep purple eyeshadow, or the color of your choice. Use black shadow or a dark color to define the crease.

4. Highlight the brow bone: Use some shimmery white or light-colored eye shadow to highlight above the lid.

5. Eyeliner: Line the top and bottom lids, winging out the liner on the top lid if desired.

6. Define the eyebrows and eyelashes: Darken and fill in the brows, and add three coats of mascara.

7. Lips: Cover the lips with concealer and then top with nude lip gloss.



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