How to Create a Guide

Picture of How to Create a Guide
Guides, once the province of the site's editors, can now be created by anyone. You can easily collect a group of similar projects, curate a list of projects you'd like to make, or keep track of your favorite projects in a linkable form with a guide. They're awesome, and here are the basics of how to make one:

Pick a topic
Click Submit
Make a Guide under "other ways to share"
Write an intro
Add a main image
Add a bunch of projects about your topic

IMPORTANT: Bear these three things in mind when creating your guide...
  1. Only the author that created the guide can add Instructables to it
  2. Instructables can only be added if they are already published
  3. Guides are treated similarly to regular projects on Instructables: you must be logged in to edit the intro, add projects, etc.
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Step 1: Click links to make a guide

Picture of Click links to make a guide
Mouse over the "Create" tab in the top left corner of any page on Instructables to find this menu. This is the project creation page. Revel in its majesty and the appropriateness of its name.

Then direct your attention to the bottom left portion of the page where it says "Other ways to share."

Click "Guides"

Step 2: Title and Intro

Picture of Title and Intro
This is where you'll title your guide. Name it something descriptive. Remember, these show up in search results, so make sure it's as good as or better than a normal Instructable.

Bob's Awesome Projects should be Awesome Electronic Furniture Projects. Just as with a normal Instructable, you will have your byline featured prominently. Guides can be featured, so treat them with some professionalism. Particularly if you will be including another member's project within your guide.

Your intro should describe what unites these projects. What trait do they share that encouraged you to bring them together within a guide?

"These projects were selected as wonderful examples of how to knit delicious springtime furniture." Except yours should, you know, make more sense.
Hi, after the re-design, where do I go to create a guide?
wilgubeast (author)  atxhackerspace1 year ago
nerd123 years ago
nice, the beginner's guide to creating guides.
can anyone make a guide?
or do I have to activate a pro account?
wilgubeast (author)  Lynne Bruning3 years ago
Anyone should be able to do it. Give it a shot and let me know if you have any trouble.
THX 4 POSTING THIS!!! I have been trying to figure out how to make a guide for a little while now. Can we use ANY 'Ible that is on this site to include in our guides, or does it have to be our own 'Ibles? Just curious...i would like to make a guide of some of my favorites that includes other's 'Ibles in it.
wilgubeast (author)  sokamiwohali3 years ago
Any. Go nuts. Guides of good teacher projects are eligible for the Teacher Contest, provided you include learning objectives.

Other than that, make some guides.