What could be more fun than riding across the ground on a great, mighty hovercraft? This tutorial will teach you how to build a hovercraft for your own personal use.

Step 1: Materials

How to Create a Hovercraft


" 4ft x 4ft piece of plywood
" Tarp or plastic shower curtain
" Leaf blower
" Duct tape
" Staples/staple gun
" Plastic coffee can lid
" Jigsaw
" Drill/ screws
" Measuring tape
" String/pencil
" Sandpaper (optional)
im thinking of making one with a old skateboard would this work? if so please anwser me back.
I made mine with a boogie board THat works better
the boogie board i mean
I like lotsa spaghetti too<br />
<p>haha lol :D</p>
<p>what's a boogie board? :p</p>
<p>I have many questions...first does it handle one person nicely? second that I don't have a leaf blower..I have an ordinary one. Will that work? and that what if we ride the hovercraft on the road..that plastic may rip, right? </p>
<p>will a backpack leaf blower work</p>
hi does it actually lift off from the ground?even if its a few centimetres. <br>I would like to build my own sometime.
how does it go forward
Will it work with 2 Leaf blowers?
it would probably be better w/ too... though harder to control and heavier. idk.
why would you need two?
one for lift and one for thrust.
that would work<br />
Awesome. I'm going to make a 5 person one with 6 leafblowers for lift, 3 for thrust, and one on each side for turning. Then ride down the street on it playing dance music.
OMG Kari Byron!
OMG UR&nbsp;RIGHT!!!
I created one in seventh grade. No offense, but a smaller bag would work better
there's is fine I think, they just need to tape it down closer to the edge
Nice work!! That looks like a very stable design. Congrats on the build.
I'm enjoying the hovercrafts. Looks like this was a class project? Could you ask the instructor to contact to me? I'd like to know how posting on Instructables turned out.
I was thinking the same thing. Class project. What an awesome teacher to choose I'bles.com for a display medium. I would think it a good oppotunity to create some type of school section, to conglomerate these together as not to let them spread apart into I'bles infinity, if you get my drift. Perhaps that would encourage more schools to use us. If not, then I would be more than happy to establish a group dedicated to display school projects. I would add this group as the first.... Anyway a lil' food for thought.
well done!!! great work :)

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