When you start a Jackson Pollack  painting you need                                                                          
*A big peace of paper
*Paint brushes
*Squirt bottles
*Acrylic paint
*Make shore you have multiple squirt bottles
*If you don't you may need to wash it out

Step 1: Getting Started

The first step to a Jackson Pollack painting is

*You need to paint with a nozzle or get the squirt bottle.
  pick a color and use it    
* When you use it, you squirt it all around the paper  
*It does not need to be in one place

*Make it disjointed and have many segmented lines

Step 2:

The second step to making a Jackson pollack painting is:

*Pick a different color and repeat steps one.
Try to use a contrasting color.

Step 3:

The third step to making a Jackson pollack painting is:

*Pick different color again and check if it has a nozzle if doesn't
wash out the squirt bottle the you squirt the color on to the paper.

Step 4:

The forth thing to a Jackson Pollack painting is:
* Get more colors!
*Squirt the paint all around the paper

Step 5: Finish Product

Wow you should be so happy that you  finished this project.                                                                                                                               Because you now have your very own Jackson Pollack Painting!
Piece. Sure. Fourth. Otherwise, good 'ible.

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