As many of you know me from my Slinky Dog Costume of last Halloween 2010, I would like to still introduce myself. I am an artist and graphic designer who has currently graduated with a BFA in fine arts. I love to do anything creative, but since graduation I have not had many creative outlets. So I decided I would take the time to once again create a costume that was extremely original and had not been attempted before. Last year, one of my second character choices for a handmade costume was the bird KEVIN from the movie UP! I dug back into my original ideas and decided that I wanted to make Kevin, but that I did not want it to be as generic as other bird costumes. I really wanted to make the costume have the visual qualities of the crazy bird from UP, but also function like the bird as well. This being said....

this costume IS a one of a kind...

the head moves

the beak actually opens and shuts

AND the wings even flap.

ALL with my head nicely concealed in his neck so that you never really pay attention to the fact that a person is in it.

Great visual trickery there so that this costume really portrays the bird from UP. Honestly the only thing I wish I had done was get a soundtrack of his bird noises going and it would have been completely legit!

Im sure your reading this because you are wondering how in the world this was made, and maybe how you can create one yourself...

SO lets get creating!!!

Materials include:
130 mini hot glue sticks
10 stacks of newspapers
6 pool fun noodles
3 rolls of duct tape
2 bottles of elmer's glue
1 gopher trigger gripper
1 pair of kids angel wings
1 roll of masking tape
1 roll of bed foam
1 roll of thick seam material
1 bag of polyester fiber filling
1 1/5 yards of faux polyester fur
1 1/5 yards of blue semi - fuzzy fabric
1 yard of black stretchy fabric
1/2 yard of blue mesh material
1 pack of large white feathers (at least 4)
1 pair of old shoes
1 pair of black leggings
1 bottle of sky blue, purple, blue, red, yellow, and orange spray paint
1 bottle of white, green, and black acrylic paint

Tools include:
scissors (very sharp/nice pair)
hot glue gun
one colored sharpie
small paintbrushes
large mixing bowl

DONT forget patience and time are necessary to create such a costume. I spent at least 60+ hours on this one and still barely finished it in time for Halloween 2011. I also had awesome roomies and a great playlist to help me through it all, so good luck :)
poofrabbit3 years ago
This was brilliant! I'm going to try this with other characters, very well done I think......SQUIRREL! ;-)
heeyolivia3 years ago
i love this soooooo much!!
kamiko083 years ago
this costume is soooooo cooollll!!!! it probably took you forever to do this. I doubt you did this costume in two days and got no sleep. :-) You seem like the type who knows how to manage your time.
I am a costume designer for an elite company and I have seen nothing like this in all my years of experience. Smashing!
Rhi-Rainbow3 years ago
This is great, I was thinking of having a go at it myself, but I was wondering how much the material cost in total?
Many thanks
Kaleena you never cease to amaze me!! Such a wonderful job. I'm sending this to Jilly.
LAWNMUSIC3 years ago
You did an awesome job. It looks great! Only problem I see is that a face plant is inevitable if you trip!
scoochmaroo3 years ago
Great build! Thank you for sharing the details with us. Brilliant!
Oh, I love Kevin! I think you captured him brilliantly!