How to Create a Light Smokey Eye




Introduction: How to Create a Light Smokey Eye

Watch this video to learn how to do a light smokey eye for everyday use. To begin we'll use Cover Girls' Intense Shadow Blast to create a base for this look. 


1. Light Eyeshadow Base. Start with a champagne color (Intense Shadow Blast) and blend and create a base for the darker color.

2. Darker 2nd Layer. Use the darker Shadow Blast on the outer corners of your lid.

Tip: Remember to blend! Use a brush.

3. Highlight Browbone. Here we use Cover Girls' Eye Enhancers 4 Kit Shadow Palette. Use the lightest color on the browbone, the corner of the lid and over the light eyeshadow base.

4. Darken Corner of Eye. With a brush, use the mid tone color on the outer 3rd of the eyelid and blend into the crease. Blend the whole eye with a brush.

5. Add Eyeliner. Use a brown eyeliner just on your lashline.

Tip: Remember that you are trying to make it look natural and "everyday".

Tip: Learn how to take this look into evening in Josie's sequel video!



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