These instructions are geared to help undergraduate level college students to create a Linked-In profile for the purpose of professional networking.

Step 1: Getting to Linkedin.com

1. Open an internet browser (we suggest google chrome)

2. Click on the address bar

3. Type in “www.linkedin.com”
Was this instructions for how to create a LinkedIn profile, or how to do a professional one? It seems to me like the tutorial is just how to create a profile. There are a lot of this that should be done to make it more professional.
I agree that the formatting on steps 3 and 4 could be improved. Other than that I thought the instructions were very clear and the visuals were very helpful. <br> <br>-Katie Kevershan engl313
(Jenna Kozub response eng313) These instructiosn are very helpful, and easy to follow. I especially thought that the organization of these instructions was understandable and consistant. I would suggest breaking up step 4 into seperate slides so not all of of that information is on one page because it got to be a little overwheleming.
The instructions were really easy to follow for me. The subject titles separated the instructions nicely into sections that were easy to follow. I'm personally a visual learner, and the images really helped me understand the process.
Great job on the instructions, I thought it was really nice you gave a subject title for each step you made, it made the instructions really flow and easy to understand.
Nice job on the instructions. For &quot;Step 2: Creating a New Profile,&quot; it may be more clear to draw a box around the registration area instead of circling &quot;Get Started - it's free.&quot; Also, overlaying &quot;Your Name&quot; in red over the region where an individual's name would appear was a bit distracting. Some of the other steps also seemed a bit on the longer side to read. However, the instructions were thorough and your image use was effective. I liked how you grouped your steps together in segments and the overall outline format.
These instructions worked fantastic. Thank you for posting them!

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