Picture of How to Create a Linked-In Professional Profile
These instructions are geared to help undergraduate level college students to create a Linked-In profile for the purpose of professional networking.

Step 1: Getting to linkedin.com

Picture of Getting to linkedin.com
1. Open an internet browser (we suggest google chrome)

2. Click on the address bar

3. Type in “www.linkedin.com”
lhoganjr2 years ago
Was this instructions for how to create a LinkedIn profile, or how to do a professional one? It seems to me like the tutorial is just how to create a profile. There are a lot of this that should be done to make it more professional.
I agree that the formatting on steps 3 and 4 could be improved. Other than that I thought the instructions were very clear and the visuals were very helpful.

-Katie Kevershan engl313
(Jenna Kozub response eng313) These instructiosn are very helpful, and easy to follow. I especially thought that the organization of these instructions was understandable and consistant. I would suggest breaking up step 4 into seperate slides so not all of of that information is on one page because it got to be a little overwheleming.
The instructions were really easy to follow for me. The subject titles separated the instructions nicely into sections that were easy to follow. I'm personally a visual learner, and the images really helped me understand the process.
davidn22 years ago
Great job on the instructions, I thought it was really nice you gave a subject title for each step you made, it made the instructions really flow and easy to understand.
prajguru2 years ago
Nice job on the instructions. For "Step 2: Creating a New Profile," it may be more clear to draw a box around the registration area instead of circling "Get Started - it's free." Also, overlaying "Your Name" in red over the region where an individual's name would appear was a bit distracting. Some of the other steps also seemed a bit on the longer side to read. However, the instructions were thorough and your image use was effective. I liked how you grouped your steps together in segments and the overall outline format.
These instructions worked fantastic. Thank you for posting them!