How to Create a MIDI Map for the BCD3000 in Traktor Pro

Picture of How to Create a MIDI Map for the BCD3000 in Traktor Pro
This will take you through step-by-step in creating your own custom tsi MIDI maps in Traktor Pro for Behringer's DEEJAY BCD3000.
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Step 1: Reading Essentials

Picture of Reading Essentials
-Read the Traktor Manual, sections 15.1.2 & 15.1.3
(located in C:\Program Files\Native Instruments\Traktor\Documents)

-Get the Behringer manual
Pages 14 & 15 contain the information needed. For reference about the keys see page 7.

-Get the Traktor Bible and the TSI Viewer, both useful tools.

-Use my BCD3000 Midi Commands Cheatsheet for quick reference

Step 2: Steb-by-Step

Picture of Steb-by-Step
1.Start Traktor Pro
2.Click on Preferences
3.Click on Midi Mapping
4.Click Delete All to start fresh. You may want to save first. *(See step 14)
5.Click Add and select the function you wish to control
6.Highlight that newly added Control
7.Click on Learn and move the button/knob you want to program
8.Unclick Learn
9.Under Control Configuration select the Interaction Mode *(see Control Types)
10.Assign Deck (if needed)
11.If the Button has an LED, highlight the Control and click Duplicate. Then change the Interaction Mode to Output and change the MIDI key *(see LED Buttons)
12.Select the Modifier (if needed) *(see Modifiers)
13.Repeat from Step 5 for additional controls
14. Save by clicking "Export" on the bottom left, and select only "MIDI mapping"

Step 3: Control Types

Picture of Control Types
-Hold: This is what you select if you want the key to press every time you want action. Ex: Pitch Bend

-Toggle: This is the common one selected for most buttons you want in on/off states. Such as the LED's. Ex: Play

-Trigger: Similar to hold. Press once for action. Ex: Loop Set

-Direct: Used for selecting fader, knobs, and jogs.

(Traktor Manual, section 15.1.2)

Step 4: LED Buttons

Picture of LED Buttons
When you set up a button with a LED you need to send an output midi signal to the unit to turn on the LED.

1.Highlight the Control and click Duplicate
2.Change the Interaction Mode to Output
3.Change the assigned MIDI key in the pull-down menu next to Learn. The numbers start with CC. Use the manual and my cheat-sheet to find the corresponding number

(Behringer manual, Page 15)
MannyZabala11 months ago

i dont have a "output" so i cant get to beat phase monitor..

im using Traktor pro 2.6

coolwithpie3 years ago
Traktor bible link broken :(
Exiumind4 years ago
Hi, what about mapping a bcf2000 instead (Traktor 3)?