How to create a money lei using 100 $1 bills! A great alternative graduation lei.
Note: Takes considerable time.

Step 1: Equipment and Materials

Picture of Equipment and Materials
100 $1 Bills (you can get change from any bank)
Balloon Ribbon
Invisible Scotch Tape
3 Clear Straws
Plastic Sandwich Bag
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mary gago6 years ago
Thank u 4 showing me how to make a money lei. I made one 4 my son's graduation. It turned out great. Here is a picture of it.
pookie 08 235.jpg


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JoshS1 frenzy3 months ago
hey I love what u made ur son with the money and candies want make something like this can you tell me please thanks
jmau12 months ago
this is a great how-to, very clear instructions.
JoollyH7 months ago

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springlora2 years ago
I feel positively cheated. I got conned into joining then couldn't download the instructions. Needed apparently to join some kind of "Pro" which probably means paying money. Stop making people think that they can get downloads when they really can't .
2012lei3 years ago
Eee! I can't wait until I have
wgrazier6 years ago
This is a great project. I wasn't prepared to spend $100 for this gift so I strung the 'flowers' a little differently ($20 was unimpressive to say the least). I think it turned out really well. Thanks for the great instructable!
money lei.jpg
how did you do that? I would love to make those for my cousin! I tried tying them together, but I was pretty unsuccessful.
lsio wgrazier4 years ago
how did you make that? info plz
detamac (author)  lsio4 years ago
looks like you would just use less dollars then spread them out and lay them flat against your string :)
detamac (author)  wgrazier4 years ago
thanks for the pic! I love your version too :D
Can you describe step by step how you made this.
pmgu wgrazier5 years ago
I'm really interested in trying this, but like you, I'm not ready to spend 100 dollars, could you give me insructions on how you did yours?
wgrazier pmgu5 years ago
I used 20 one dollar bills and spread them out a little more. Cheap, but still cute and unique.
iakiak wgrazier5 years ago
It is not clear to me how you attached the circles.  did u use a longer straw?  would you mind giving a little more detail.  I would really appreciate it.  thank you I love your design.
NNN5 wgrazier5 years ago

You may buy a deck of souvenir (fake) money and make a really cheap and spectaculous garland.

nberning4 years ago
This was very well explained...the only question I had was the original length of the ribbon, was the 5 1/2 feet doubled? Obviously, it was otherwise the lei would be too short. It turned out beautifully! Thanks!

darkmuskrat7 years ago
What the hell is a "Lei"? A Hawaiian necklace? A Chinese Tie? A German torture device?
A german assasins weapon.
The mysteriously generic german assasin dropped from the shadows, his dastardly lei in hand. He stalked his prey, a man with a red armband and a charlie chaplin-esque moustache. He flitted between the shadows like a confused moth. As he approached his target he grabed him by the shoulder and spun him to face before using his pei to... lol kudos to whoever can come up with a funny useage/ending :P
I used to like Charlie Chaplain's mustache, but now I don't.
I hate you.
using his lei to... ... Congratulate him for being the worlds easiest target to kill. "How do you know that?"he asks. "Simple, Watch" as he kills the man. "Oups" he says, as he slips away into the night.
Jakub7 years ago
wouldn't any one try to smuggle it if you put it on your neck?
you mean steal? lol smugglings where you hide contraband or something illegal while crossing a border to sell or use in the place where its banned
same thing but smuggling is more effective
Not quite...
uthus5 years ago
Having been to my brother-in-law's graduation in Aiea back in '95, I decided that I wanted to do one for my daughter's graduation a few years back. I hadn't found Instructables at the time and never got it done, but now I understand how to do it and will make some of the through the year to give as needed. Thanks.
i wish i could do this, i am just too damn poor.
zascecs5 years ago
Great idea, great i'ble.

...just that it would really suck to get this stolen...  =/ 
4547745 years ago

I loved these steps....very well detailed! Thanks a bunch!!!

jengss5 years ago
Thank you!

This one was much easier to do than the other one I was following.

ddogwife6 years ago
I cut 6 feet and folded it in half. Therefore, I was down to 3 feet. I was only able to fit about $25. I think it should have been a total closer to 12 feet then fold ribbon in half, giving you 6 feet to work with.
kalalala6 years ago
Thank you so much.... I'm making my daughter one this year.....
nor46 years ago
i always wonder how it's done:D. something for my k4 son this year:). tanx!
Brother_D7 years ago
It's obviously intended to be given as a gift, then the money spent by the person receiving it. It's a clever way to give a money gift, rather than sticking it in a common gift card.
Oh! Now I see. Still... a hundred?
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