We have compiled a set of instructions on how to create a full face of natural makeup. This look can be used by all ages and for any occasion: going to class, running errands, grabbing coffee with a friend or any everyday task. Each step is accompanied by a picture to explain what was described.

Step 1: Gather Materials

Here are a list of materials that can be obtained from any drugstore:


-Gentle cleanser

-Moisturizer with SPF

-Concealer (matching your skin tone)

-Green concealer (for blemishes)

-BB cream (matching your skin tone)

-Powder with a sponge (matching your skin tone)


-Eyebrow pencil (matching your eyebrow color)

-Light Blush/Blush brush

-White eyeliner

-Dark eyeliner with a sponge end

-Makeup pencil sharpener

-Neutral eyeshadows

-Eyeshadow brush


-Eyelash curler

-Tinted lip balm


-Makeup Remover

Step 2: Prepare Face

Put on a thick headband to pull back all of your hair from your face.

Step 3: Cleanse Face

Gently exfoliate face by using a cleanser and a wash cloth to ensure all dirt and makeup are off your face.

Step 4: Apply Moisturizer With SPF

Apply a dime size amount of moisturizer over your entire face in an upwards motion to create a perfect base for your makeup.

Step 5: Concealer

a. If you have any red spots, dab a green concealer stick onto your face and blend thoroughly using a cosmetic sponge. If blemishes are still noticeable, apply a small amount of concealer using your finger and blend to match your skin.

b. To cover up dark under eye circles, with your fingertips or the applicator, outline an upside down triangle underneath your eyes with the concealer and fill the triangle in with streaks of the concealer. It is necessary to blend the concealer from your tear duct and toward your eye using a cosmetic sponge. It is important to blend evenly to match your skin tone.

Step 6: BB Cream

a. Apply an amount of BB cream that would cover your whole face to the back of your hand.

b. Using your fingertips, apply small blotches of the cream to your forehand, both cheeks, tip of your nose and chin.

c. Using a makeup sponge, blend the five different blotches into your skin to form a thin layer of cream across your whole face.

Step 7: Powder

a. In order to cover up imperfections on the skin and to control shine, apply powder to your face. To do this, load the powder onto a brush/sponge.

b. Dust your face with the powder and blend the powder onto your face.

Step 8: Eyebrows

a. Prep eyebrows by tweezing stray hairs below your arch.

b. Place any brush vertically besides your nose to define the beginning of your eyebrows and place a dot.

c. Similarly, angle the same brush (starting from the nose) toward the outer corner of your eye to define the endpoint of your eyebrows.

d. Brush brows with a spoolie brush and begin to fill in your eyebrows by using short dash like strokes with your eyebrow pencil, mimicking the hairs as you go through your entire brow.

Step 9: Blush

Form a “fish face” by sucking in your cheeks. Apply the blush to the center of the apples of your cheeks and blend the color along your cheekbone using the blush brush.

Step 10: Eye Liner

a. Using a sharpened white eyeliner, line your entire bottom waterline and including the inner corner of your eye to create the effect of “bigger eyes.”

b. Using a sharpened eyebrow pencil, line the outer three quarters of your eyelash line. Smudge the line using the sponge on the end of your pencil to create an effortless look.

Step 11: Eye Shadow: Choose 3 Shadows in Varying Shades of the Same Color Family.

a. Prime your eyes using your concealer.

b. Apply a highlight, or the lightest color onto your brow bone using the eyeshadow brush.

c. Then apply a nude tone all over your lid using the eyeshadow brush.

d. Finally apply the darkest shade to the outer edge of your eyelid and blend the shadow into the crease using the eyeshadow brush.

Step 12: Curl Lashes and Mascara

a. Curl your eyelashes with an eyelash curler

b. Apply a thin layer of mascara to the top and bottom lashes.

Step 13: Lip Balm

a. Apply the lip balm over your top and bottom lips

b. Smack them together to blend the color evenly across your lips.

Step 14: Remove Excess Makeup

By using makeup wipes, remove any makeup that might of accidentally got onto unwanted areas.

<p>It looks good :) I always need to use moisturizer because my skin gets so dry in the winter.</p>
<p>Thank you! I agree as well! Although in the summer you may feel like you might not need moisturizer-its always good to have some type of sun protection on your face! </p>

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