How to Create a Photography Logo Symbol Within Minutes in Adobe Illustrator




Introduction: How to Create a Photography Logo Symbol Within Minutes in Adobe Illustrator

Photography Logos are always inspiring and creative. There's a lot of sources where we can get inspiration for creating brand symbols. Sometimes we use vectors and icons to create new symbols and sometimes we create them from scratch. Today I'll show you how to create a photography logo symbol within minutes in adobe illustrator. What I'm exactly doing in this tutorial is that I am creating travel photography based symbol by using rectangle and circle shape tools in illustrator. For inspirations, I normally go to Logo generators like Logo orbit, designmantic, etc. You can check Logopond also.

Step 1: Creating the First Shape

  • Open a new project in adobe illustrator.
  • Select rectangle shape tool and create a rectangle shape.
  • Now make it's corners a bit round to give a shape of briefcase.

Step 2: Filling Color and Removing the Outline

  • Fill the rectangle shape with your desired color.
  • Remove the outline of shape by switching the stroke.

Step 3: Creating the Handle Shape With Circle Tool

  • Select the circle tool, draw a small circle on the rectangle shape by holding shift + Alt keys.
  • Switch the stroke to remove the solid color from it.
  • Press A on your keyboard and click on the below point of the circle. Now press Delete button to half the circle.
  • Now change the stroke of circle to 8 pts.
  • Now place this shape on top of rectangle shape in way that it gives a look of handle.

Step 4: Creating Two More Circle Shapes

  • Create a new circle in center of the rectangle shape while holding Shift + Alt keys.
  • Switch to stroke and change the color to white from black.
  • Change the stroke size to 6pts.
  • Now again create a new circle inside the recently created circle.
  • Switch the stroke to solid.
  • Arrange both the circles in center.

Step 5: Creating the Lines and Finalizing

  • Select the rectangle tool and draw vertical reduced shapes on both sides of the circle.
  • Now select all the elements and press Ctrl + G keys to group them.
  • Done. The new travel photography type symbol is created and you can now play with it for further customization.

Creating the shapes like these is quite easy task and is better than copying the clip arts or icons. I hope that you'll not find any hurdle in following the steps. Follow me for more tutorials. Thanks.



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