The possible uses of PowerPoint are countless.  A slide show can help a teacher teach a lesson, illustrate an event in history, easily display statistical information, or be used for training in corporations.  A slide show can be a valuable tool for teaching, sharing and learning.  Whether presenting at a conference or convincing your parents to get a puppy, PowerPoint presentations are useful no matter what the topic and help communicate ideas to an audience.  The invention of PowerPoint by Gaskins has saved presenters hours of painstakingly handcrafting displays, and created a professional and easy way to relay information.  The following are steps on how to create a basic PowerPoint presentation, however certain steps may vary slightly depending upon what version of PowerPoint you are using.  This tutorial is specifically using PowerPoint 2007.

Step 1: Launch the PowerPoint Program

When you launch the PowerPoint program, you may be prompted to pick what kind of document you want to create.  Choose to create a blank presentation.  If it does not ask you this, a blank presentation will automatically launch.
<p>Thank you so much!!! So nice and easy way for understanding)))</p>
<p>I understand how to create the slides, but how to you get to actually type your information on the slides? I have power point 2013.</p>
<p>You click on the placeholder letters(for example&quot;Title&quot;) within the page then type. If there are no placeholders, change your template from blank to one with prompts-click the question mark for Microsoft help and tutorials on PowerPoint instructions from inside PowerPoint). :)</p>
Great /just what I wanted - looks easy will try soon - and if have trouble have our 3 sons to help!
<p>thank u veru much by showing how to creat powerpoint presentation</p>
<p>You saved my life today with showing me how to do this for the first time, I thank you very much. I have one question though that I can not find the answer to on here unless I am just overlooking it all together, ...how do you save it and give it a file name? I lost everything I did as I thought it would do this feature when I closed it the same way I do in Word....uggg...</p>
<p>Cool Now can I make my presentation now!</p>

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