How to Create a Quick and Easy Top-Knot Bun



Introduction: How to Create a Quick and Easy Top-Knot Bun  The secret to a good bun? An amazing new kind of coiled hair pin, called a "Spin Pin" marketed by Goody. Here's how to use them to create a great top knot.

1. Brush: Using a smoothing brush, brush your hair into a super-high ponytail. It's OK if it is a little bit messy. Hold with an elastic. If you'd like you can use some hairspray at this point. Here we've used Pantene Pro-V hairspray.

2. Twist: Twist the hair into a coil and twist it around itself.

3. Pin: Place the pin at the base, and a good angle to get as many hairs as possible, and spin it in. Repeat at the front of the bun.

4. Finish: Use bobby pins to tuck in any ends.

TIP: This style works best with hair that is not freshly clean.



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