Introduction: How to Create a SocialToaster Client

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The Dashboard is where we create and manage campaigns for clients. But before we do this we need to create an account for the client.

Step 1: Go to the Dashboard

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Go to

Step 2: Log In

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You will be presented with a log in page. You will receive your login information from Jamie in office management.

Step 3: Navigate to Configuration

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In the navigation bar on the left, go down to the bottom and clock on configuration.

Step 4: Naviagte to Basic Setup

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Once in configuration, click on basic configuration.

Step 5: Click Add New Client

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At the top of basic configuration click on the + Add New Client button.

Step 6:

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Once you are in the new client page, you will need to fill out all the information pertaining to the client.

This information will be given to you by the Account Manager in the form of the job jacket. A PDF file.

The first section is 'Basics'

This section has information like campaign name, return URL, page options, and client address. All of this information will be copied from job jacket.

Step 7:

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The next section is the info section. This section has info like allow email-only users, maximum campaigns allowed, allow Facebook page posting. Again all of this information can be found in the job jacket.

Step 8:

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Once all of the prior information has been completed. Email office management and they will fill out the billing information.

Step 9: Points

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Once office management gets back to you, confirming billing information has been completed, then you can insert the point information from the job jacket.

Step 10:

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Once all of the information has been entered, the client's basic information has been fully entered. You can now click 'create client' to be done.


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Great tutorial.

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