How to Create a Sweeney Todd Vintage Inspired Ruffle Shirt





Introduction: How to Create a Sweeney Todd Vintage Inspired Ruffle Shirt

Here is a quick and easy way from Threadbanger to add ruffles to any plain old button-down shirt. To see more information on this and to find out how to make a Sweeney Todd inspired dress, watch the episode! Want more Threadheads diy style? Subscribe on iTunes!

All you need is a plain button down shirt, a printed button down shirt (a cool printed piece of fabric will work as well), scissors, ruler, pins, and a sewing machine or the tools to sew by hand.

Step 1: Prepare the Ruffles

Cut out six 1 1/2 to 2 inch strips of your printed shirt. Finish your strips either with a serger or a zig zag stitch.

Step 2: Sew the Ruffles to the Shirt

From the collar down, start attaching your fabric strips. To get the ruffle, just scrunch the fabric strips up under the foot of your sewing machine as you go, and attach down the length of your shirt.

You have a ruffley, victorian-y, Sweeney-Toddy inspired shirt!



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    THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH! That realllly helped me out! <3

    Why not just go buy a ruffly shirt from the thrift store for a dollar and get something that looks awesome and save time, money, and a second shirt. I got a nice vintage ruffle shirt around Halloween one time, sure I was asked if I was gonna be Elton John but I also got compliments before and after Halloween as it was truly an awesome shirt.

    yeah, totally needs some leds, everything needs more leds.

    No no no, what it needs is magnets. Cool instructable.

    Hey! You're just agreeing with everyone.

    Actually I really dont care about magnets, I just think everything should have LEDs.

    That's a bit of a psychophantic and passiveagressive answer ;) (omnibot turns on his Eliza-curcits)

    perhaps sycophantic is a bit harsh, it was more in jest, how would you seriously incorporate magnets into this though?