How to Create a Yarn Wreath
How do you create a yarn wreath? We will show through step-by-step directions and easy to follow pictures.

A yarn wreath is a fun and creative way to decorate for the holidays or any other occasion. This is a wonderful craft that anyone can accomplish, no matter how creative you may or may not be. 

                                                                       Supplies needed:
                                             -Hot glue gun (with at least two hot glue sticks)
                                             -Styrofoam wreath form (any size) 
                                             -Yarn (one or more colors) (will take many yards, specific lengths
                                              depend on wreath size)
                                             -Fabric (ribbon can also be used) (around 2 ft. by 1-2 inches)
                                             -Ribbon (length depends on the size of bow you wish to create) or Bow
                                             -1 piece of paper (any kind)
                                             -Pictures and pins (optional)
                                             -Several beads (optional)

Step 1: Heat Glue Gun

Plug in your hot glue gun! Keep in mind that the hot glue gun will take a few minutes to heat the glue up! Different glue guns heat at different speeds, so be patient and cautious.

I am definitely going to make this
This is so pretty! I am definatley making this!<br><br><br>-Grace and Darcy
I love your instructable! I'm making a yarn wreath for the holidays! This is so cool.
Thnx soo much Renea !!
I love these flowers they make me happy!!!!! VERY HAPPY!!! i will use them regularly...on headbands and such! thank you for a wonderful instructable!!! It is my new favorite thing and i am so happy that you made this. very helpful and informative.
haha ! Dont flowers just make life better ?? <br>Thanks Corrie!!! <br> <br>-Lindsey
Look GReat for the holidays!
Hey! this is sooo cute you guys! <br>-AbbyC.
Great looking wreath, I really like the fabric flowers!
Very Sweet.

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