How to Create a Free Domain ( , in Blogger With


Introduction: How to Create a Free Domain ( , in Blogger With

Click This Link >>

Step 1: Insert Your Domain

1) Insert your domain, like on picture
2) after entering the name
3) Click "check availability"

Step 2: Check Availability

4) after clicking the "Check Availability" and will appear as shown
5) Click the "Continue to registration"

Step 3: Registration

6) after Clicking the "Continue to registration"
7) and will appear like this
8) if you do not already have an account, you can register here > click here for register

Step 4:

9)   if the domain is still available, then your domain is successfully registered, such as the picture below
10) and the next, Click "Setup"

Step 5: Setup the Name Server

11) enter this words:
Name server 1 :
Name server 2 :
12) Click Setup

Step 6: And Setup Zone Record

12) Enter this Word:
Host : *
TTL  : 1D

* : enter the domain that you have created
13) and Click ''Setup"

Step 7: Create Your Website in Blogger Using a Domain That Has Been Made

Make a Website:
1) Login to
2) go to blogs that have been made
3) and next, go to Setting > Other > Publishing
4) Click " + Add a Custom Domain > Switch to advanced settings
5) enter the domain that you have created, and click save
Finally, try to access yours blog

Step 8: Finally, Try to Access Yours Blog



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    14 Discussions

    Followed your ible it is great since when i was searching for not lengthy domain names. But i have seen here is that it is redirecting me to my google blogs isnt it?

    what if dont do that advance setting it wont redirect me to it.

    now what if i want free hosting of website then where can i find one and then how can i get those complex advance settings.

    Great guide for the free domain, instead using blogspot*com


    2 years ago

    i wan to create blogger website now what i do ?

    2 replies

    Its pretty simple.. here is the example with screenshots

    see this video:

    i was searching for domain names

    I like this, but it looks weird like ! If you guys want a go daddy domain and hosting free for an entire year come here !

    BTW: its legal and go daddy has this offers on certain underground websites

    get free top level domain for your blog/website

    visit this

    get free top level domain for your blog/website

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