How to Create an Adam West Bat Boat





Introduction: How to Create an Adam West Bat Boat

For this project you'll only need large scraps of cardboard and six rolls of duct tape, recommended to have 500cm of cardboard.

Step 1: Building the Base

To start the Boat start with two planks of cardboard and a foot of duct tape, put the two pieces of cardboard on the floor and lay them flat. Tape both planks together and make them barely overlap then you want to fold up the edges to make walls and tape them together like this.

Step 2: Making the Walls

Next you want to enlarge the walls on your boats walls by adding a layer of card board and tape to the edges of the boat like this.

Step 3:

now you want to add an extra two layers of cardboard on the bottom on the boat and cover it with a layer of duct tape.

Step 4: Accessorising the Boat

Now that were done building the boat its time to accesorise it to make it look like the adam west bat boat. first you wanna add a piece of card board to the front and back of the boat and add the windsheild made of clear plastic onto it, also add a Bat Wing in the back.

Step 5: Final Details

Now to finish the boat you want to paint it blue and coat it with silver duct tape along the edges, paint the center sides white and out line the silver tape with red duct tape and congrats you have made an Adam West Bat Boat.



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    That turned out great! Like for a cardboard boat regatta!

    Very fun prop! What did you use it for?