Picture of How to Create an Affordable Mascot Head
You will learn how to create a mascot head on a limited budget.
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Step 1: Gather Materials

Picture of Gather Materials
Buy foam board at hardware store. For this project I used two 2x8 sheets of Owens-Corning InsulPink.

Step 2: Cut Rough Shapes

Picture of Cut Rough Shapes
Cut the board into ovals, or circles, or whatever the shape of your mascot head. There are many ways to cut the board such as razor blade, keyhole saw, and jig saw. Any type of saw will make a mess. The easiest, cleanest and fastest way is with a hot knife. The store bought hot knives are expensive and flimsy. I made my own following the instructions at instructables (Hot-Knife-for-Plastic-Cutting!). Instead of hammering the soldering tip, I bought a three inch long brass screw and hammered/filed it flat. It worked great. As you cut the layers try to get the rough shape of the head. IMPORTANT  if the piece is too big it is easy to make it smaller, if the piece is too small it is very hard to make it bigger. When you cut the first pieces, make them bigger than you think you need them. Another tip is to number the pieces, label the top and bottom. That way it is easy to put them back together in the correct order.

Step 3: Cut Out Room for Your Head

Picture of Cut Out Room for Your Head
One-by-one, cut out room for your head. When you do this the first time, make it tight on your head. You can always cut more later. If you cut too much in this step you have to discard the piece and redo it. In these pictures I cut a space much larger than my head. I did this to make room for a construction helmet (you will see in a later step). I also cut space for ventilation fans which you will want if you plan to wear it for four or more hours without taking it off.
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Bucknutt made it!19 days ago

brutus!!! Thanks for the help

cubesnail made it!25 days ago

Did it with my friends. (I'm the one in blue). Pretty proud of it, thanks so much!

edgukated (author)  cubesnail25 days ago
That turned out awesome!!!
Thanks for sharing the pictures
aliao15 months ago

how about this one? oisk mascot

edgukated (author)  aliao11 month ago

That is awesome

Mawtees1 month ago

What sort of foam should I use? Here in Perth, we only have Clark Rubber.

edgukated (author)  Mawtees1 month ago

In Perth Australia go to Home Hardware Building Centre and ask for Owen's Corning Ship Lap Foam Insulation F200 Item number 2719-121

Teachersears11 months ago
Thanks for the tips. I used a white Styrofoam sheet, cheaper but messier. And I jammed a batting helmet in there to make it stay on better. Go cats!
mkarr11 year ago
What were the dimensions of your largest foam pieces?
chrischango2 years ago
hi um i was just asking ......i was going to make a perry the platyus costume but i dont know how to make the bill in front can you please help.
bwhelton2 years ago
I want to attempt making the rabbit helmet from the anime "doubt" but the rabbit has big puffy cheeks in the front and I had planned to just cut the shapes into the foam board like more of a pear shape and add on to the cheeks so they continue, but I also wondered if you had any pointers or advice to make it easier?
I included an image of the doubt rabbit head
Neko-Otaku2 years ago
I love the first picture, aparantly Hello Kitty goes to Ouran High School, is Hello Kitty part of the Host Club?
edgukated (author)  Neko-Otaku2 years ago
She does in my version of reality :)
I love your version of reality :D I wish I could go there
jten292 years ago
I noticed other people on this forum were talking about creating an owl head...this is intended to be a gift for someone..Followed your steps, and I'm pretty satisfied with the end result...(definitely buying a soldering iron if I attempt to make another, you're right... cutting with a saw creates a huge mess.) Thanks for the advice!
edgukated (author)  jten292 years ago
Thank you for the picture. That is awesome!
This seems like it'd be very useful for a Rabbit Doubt cosplay I'm planning. Thanks for posting this! I poked around my local Lowe's for solid foam insulation sheets, but didn't find any. I'll try again tomorrow, and maybe this time actually ask someone for help.
edgukated (author)  TeenDreamSequence2 years ago
Keep trying. The foam board is common and I've seen it at every hardware store I've ever visited.
tmwtcfno2 years ago
Oh also what would you recommend for making a metallic, smooth look for, say, a helmet?
edgukated (author)  tmwtcfno2 years ago
Metal is always a challenge.

For starters, you could use actual metal, but if has any rounded characteristics then you will need an english wheel to do a really good job. Most people don't have or can afford an english wheel.

Whenever I work with real metal I buy flashing from the roofing section of the local hardware store. It is thin, flexible, and affordable.

However, I have used metal looking spray paint. Rustoleum makes several types and they work very well (especially from far away).

Is there any chance you could bring your hot knife to drama next tuesday for me to borrow? Mine have been failures so far, which is sad ; _ ;
edgukated (author)  tmwtcfno2 years ago
gee, how do I know you can be trusted with such a delicate and valuable instrument?

OK, I will bring it to drama.

Arigato gozaimasu
tmwtcfno2 years ago
cbundy3 years ago
Thanks for the amazing tips on the mascot head. I am very pleased with my Gizmo!
edgukated (author)  cbundy3 years ago
Awesome Gizmo.
mamamick3 years ago
Oops! Here is the Stitch costume we made with your directions
edgukated (author)  mamamick3 years ago
Awesome. Thanks for the posting. It makes we want to post more stuff on Instructables.

Hello :O I had a question about how you cut it so it turned out circular,
edgukated (author)  asianpanties4 years ago
I don't really understand your question.

If you look at the pictures you will see 6 pieces of foam, each cut like an oval.

Are you asking how I drew the oval shapes or are you asking how did I make it rounded from front to back?

I would like to know both! I was looking at your instructable and love the design but I have no idea how you planned the ovals. Can you please create a template for this instructabl to show the exact size and shape of each oval (all 6 of them)? Or please include the lengths of the large and small diameters of all six ovals. Thank you so much for the great instructable! If I make it I will definitely post a picture!
edgukated (author)  kiffakitty3 years ago
Unfortunately all of my stuff (including the Hello Kitty head) is in storage and I probably won't have access to it for a few weeks. I will get the dimensions for you but it will take me a while.

mamamick3 years ago
This is the mascot head we made with help from your directions. Our 16 year old son was assigned to dress up as Stitch for an initiation into a club. The costume had to be homemade. We were really glad to find some help. Thanks!!!
carpfluff3 years ago
i have no idea if you know who nevershoutnever is, (they're a band.) but in a few of their videos they have a guy in a zebra head and a girl in an owl head. I want to make the owl ( actually i was hoping to just buy one, with no luck.) this really helps. thanks, timmy.
Yeah, that's why I was searching for this, I really want to make an owl mascot head.
Morphone4 years ago
I am making a Deadmau5 head for Hallowe'en and I am using your instructable to do it! I could never be bothered to go through all the hamster ball cutting and all that, this seems so much simpler. I want to make the head 13'' round and was wondering how you measured inside cut for the head since for my project, no hard hat piece is being used and I want to make sure I cut it right. Did you just fit the pieces over your head and freehand it? I want it to be snug on my head without wobbling around since it doesn't have a hard hat piece. Or if you know of a store I can get a hard hat I'll get that instead.
edgukated (author)  Morphone4 years ago
Suggestion 1 - do all of your cutting BEFORE you put the pieces together. Cut one peice at a time. start with the center pieces. If you have to you can screw them together temporarily with 3 inch drywall screws.
Suggestion 2 - it is easy to cut more, but if you cut too much it is almost impossible to undo your mistake. Cut a little, test the fit. Cut a little more, test the fit.
Suggestion 3 - use something like a hard hat. If you don't you will have lots of wobble. Harbor Frieght Tools has them cheap. Or you can go to Walmart and get a kids play batting helmet or play footbal helmet. Anything that fits nicely on your head. Your only other choice is to stuff the inside of the head with upholstery foam but that gets hot real fast.
Thanks. I am going to get the hard hat. But today while cutting it I did the head fit thing, going from smaller to bigger until it fit, and it's working nicely. Thanks.
There are glues available that are safe to use on foam. Most glues will say on their labels whether or not the glue is safe for use on foam. "No More Nails: Foamboard." Is a construction glue specifically designed to be used on exactly this type of foam. It will also stick to concrete, fibreglass, ceramic, wood and drywall. It's available at Home Depot. The only down side is that you need to use a caulking gun with it as it comes in a tube. There are other brands of this type of glue if you can't specifically find this one. It is used to put up insulation foam and any hardware store that sells the pink foam will also stock this glue. It's a heck of a lot stronger than white glue.

To help adhesion, roughen up the surface of the plastic helmet with a fine to medium grit sandpaper. This should help the glue stick to plastic. You are looking to remove the "gloss" of the plastic. You want to make sure the glue doesn't just "slip off" the smooth surface.
Wow Nice job Awesome, cute you give me an idea for my custome party cool.

turn yourself into a cartoon
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