You will learn how to create a mascot head on a limited budget.

Step 1: Gather Materials

Buy foam board at hardware store. For this project I used two 2x8 sheets of Owens-Corning InsulPink.
<p>brutus!!! Thanks for the help</p>
This is awesome! I am trying to construct this for my 9 year old son's costume do you have a video tutorial of how you made yours?
Hello do you have a video of this? I'm trying to make one for my son for Halloween
<p>Great work. Thanks for sharing.</p>
<p>Did it with my friends. (I'm the one in blue). Pretty proud of it, thanks so much! </p>
That turned out awesome!!!<br>Thanks for sharing the pictures
Can you please tell me about the ventilation,<br>I m planning to keep it more at least four hours so please show me how it's done the fans thank you very much.
<p>Hi Eniogarcia,</p><p>If you look at the pictures in Step 3 you will see that the two middle pieces have extra material removed. These form 2 holes from the head space up to the top of the head where the ears go.<br><br>I took 2 cooling fans from an old pc and put one in each hole. They were 24 volt fans so I had to use two 12 volt batteries in succession for each fan. But you can buy 12 volt fans on the internet.</p><p>I wired it so that one fan sucks air out and the other blows air in, and I gave each fan an on off switch.</p><p>All of that is crammed inside the head by carving out some extra space. (no picture shows that)</p><p>The picture attached to this comment was taken from the top of the head looking down into one of the holes. You can see the ear on the left hand side of the picture. If you look real close into the hole you will see the PC cooling fan.</p>
<p>Finished my happy costume using these instructions</p>
<p>What about any other tips/lessons you learnt from doing that costume? Can I know the measurements of the mascot head? And why did you hollow out the mouth and what material replaced it? </p><p>SORRY SO MUCH FOR BOMBARDING YOU WITH QUESTIONS..</p><p>And thank you very much in advance for your reply</p>
<p>Can you please tell me how you did the ears, and how you kept it standing. Also, for the head, you cut circles and only cut out the middle parts of the circle right?</p><p>I am planning to do a happy mascot cosplay as well. </p>
<p>That is awesome. Thanks for the pictures.</p>
<p>how about this one? oisk mascot</p>
<p>That is awesome</p>
Thanks for the tips. I used a white Styrofoam sheet, cheaper but messier. And I jammed a batting helmet in there to make it stay on better. Go cats!
I noticed other people on this forum were talking about creating an owl head...this is intended to be a gift for someone..Followed your steps, and I'm pretty satisfied with the end result...(definitely buying a soldering iron if I attempt to make another, you're right... cutting with a saw creates a huge mess.) Thanks for the advice!
Thank you for the picture. That is awesome!
Thanks for the amazing tips on the mascot head. I am very pleased with my Gizmo!
Awesome Gizmo.<br>...timmy
Oops! Here is the Stitch costume we made with your directions
Awesome. Thanks for the posting. It makes we want to post more stuff on Instructables.<br><br>...timmy
<p>trying to get ideas on making a pelican mascot head....or looking for a place to purchase.....any ideas?</p>
<p>This is really cool I really like it!</p>
<p>Thanks for this helpful tutorial! I've got a cosplay project coming up and I'm thinking I might use this method for a Commander Peepers head. I've got some experience sculpting this type of foam but ZERO experience making or wearing a mascot head, and I was wondering if anyone had advice for visibility.</p><p>Since the character's head is just a huge eye, I was thinking I might make the pupil out of black fabric (either skip the highlight, or paint it on top with fabric paint.) Is there a particular type of fabric people use that's opaque enough for the effect but still easy to see through? And will I be able to see through it if my face is several inches away from the front of the head? (I'm hoping to make it as big and round as possible without making it too heavy to wear :D) </p>
Hi Deathofafly,<br><br>I think you are on the right track. Go to a fabric store and get the thinnest, most transparent black material you can find. Do not worry that people will be able to see inside, it will be dark inside the head and nobody will be able to see through the fabric (unless they get really, really close).<br><br>My Hello Kitty head does not have any fabric covering the eye holes and nobody can see inside. You might need fabric because your eye hole is so big.<br><br>If I were you, I would create the head first and not even think about the eye hole until everything else is complete. You can easily attach the fabric with pins if you are in a hurry.<br><br>...timmy
<p>Thanks so much for the instructions! My daughter wanted to be Cookie Monster for Halloween and this was so much easier to do than expected. She was a huge hit!</p>
<p>how would u make something like thses pandas</p>
<p>Hi DJ_Panda,<br>It is an interesting question. <br>If I imagine myself making the panda head in your picture, I think &quot;that isn't so hard, you just have to plan more carefully&quot;<br>But when I try to describe it, it gets hard.</p><p>I will try</p><p>Option 1 - make the head, then add the nose piece and the ears</p><p>Option 2 - design the head and the nose as one unit and add the ears later.</p><p>I would choose option 2 even though it takes a lot more planning and creative cutting of the material.</p><p>...timmy</p>
<p>What type of material did you use after the mask was assembled and how did you get it on the head (like sewing, hot glue, or something else)?</p>
<p>I used white felt and elmers glue.</p><p>First I did just the front and I held the felt in place with pins. I let it dry for a few days, then I did the back. I let the back dry for a few days then I did the sides.</p><p>I did the sides last because that is where the seams were.</p><p>If I every do it again I will make a pattern out of newspaper first. Then I will transfer the patter to the felt and cut the felt.</p><p>...timmy</p>
Hello do you have a video of this? I'm trying to make one for my son for Halloween
<p>Hi,</p><p>Sorry for the late reply. I do not have a video.</p><p>...timmy</p>
hello this is awesome do you have a video tutorial ?? I'd like to make a Brutus buckeye head for my son!
<p>I want to make disney Mc stuffins head with a fan, pleeeeeeeeeeeease help :&quot;O</p>
<p>What sort of help do you need? </p>
<p>I was wondering how I could possibly do one of scourge the bloodclan warrior cat</p><p>could you please help me??</p>
<p>Hi <br>Scourgeo,</p><p>Making <br>a Scourge the Bloodclan Warrior head should be fairly straight forward if you <br>follow the steps in my Instructable listing.</p><p>You <br>will need a little bit of artistic skill.</p><p>When <br>you start, do not worry about the ears, or hair, or whiskers, or fur. Those are all things that you can add after <br>you have the basic head built.</p><p>If <br>you aren&rsquo;t sure where to start, I would recommend that you get a piece of <br>cardboard and cut out a shape that includes Scourge&rsquo;s nose (which would <br>probably be about the same level as your nose). <br>Once you have a cardboard shape that you like, copy it onto the foam and <br>cut the foam. From there you can add <br>layers above and below.</p><p>If <br>you have any specific questions, please feel free to ask.</p><p>&hellip;timmy</p>
<p>Hi , i m trying to create a miky mouse mascot head.Did anyone knows about? ThaNKS!</p>
I'm looking to make something like this... Less boobalicious. Main focus is the panda head.<br>This seems like it would be the easiest way to get the shape that I'd need.<br>Just have a few questions... Is it really uncomfortable and hot? How well can you breathe and see out of it?
<p>Hi Essicaj,<br><br>It is as comfortable or uncomfortable as you make it. I used a construction hardhat as the main support. I wear it 30-60 minutes at a time and some times 4-5 hours a day. Foam is softer but it also retains heat.<br><br>It can get hot, that is why I built fans in mine. With the fans it isn't bad.<br><br>Mine is very hard to see out. Only two small holes. With your panda head you could make the eye area out of black see through cloth, so you would have great visibility.</p><p>...timmy</p>
Awesome thank you so much! <br>I hadn't even thought of making the black part to see out of . Good idea!!
<p>Update, here is the same Hello Kitty head as a borg.</p>
<p>What sort of foam should I use? Here in Perth, we only have Clark Rubber.</p>
<p>In Perth Australia go to Home Hardware Building Centre and ask for Owen's Corning Ship Lap Foam Insulation F200 Item number 2719-121</p>
What were the dimensions of your largest foam pieces?
hi um i was just asking ......i was going to make a perry the platyus costume but i dont know how to make the bill in front can you please help.
I want to attempt making the rabbit helmet from the anime &quot;doubt&quot; but the rabbit has big puffy cheeks in the front and I had planned to just cut the shapes into the foam board like more of a pear shape and add on to the cheeks so they continue, but I also wondered if you had any pointers or advice to make it easier? <br>I included an image of the doubt rabbit head
I love the first picture, aparantly Hello Kitty goes to Ouran High School, is Hello Kitty part of the Host Club?
She does in my version of reality :)

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