Introduction: How to Create an Batch File

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Batch files are sort of like a "forever saved" command prompt but with more commands. The file type is ".bat" Batch files can be used for password lock on files, calculator, simple animations, and much much more. Only works on windows

Step 1: First Open Notepad

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First, open notepad. Word pad does not work.

Step 2: Write the Script

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Here's the hard part. Actually writing the script. Find a list of ever signal command a their description here.So once you have an idea find the right commands to carry out your idea. Some commands have variables (ie attrib) So then layout the commands (each command on a separate line going from up to down in order) in note pad. I will be making a simple Echo (text) command. As you can see all commands are in CAPS. Also make sure to put in,pause if you don't want the command closing right after opening.

Step 3: Save As an Batch File

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Now in the top left corner click file then save as. Locate the folder you want and name your file anything you want. BUT WAIT before you save, where the file says ".txt" (no quotes) delete that and replace that with ".bat" (no quotes.) and your done! To start up the command just locate the file and click on it. Depending on what you set it up to do it will most likely carry that out. if you have any questions ask ask in the comments

Step 4: Open the .bat File

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Open the file and the file (depending on the script) will start.


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