The invisible man from H.G. Well's is one of my favorite books and inspired this photo manipulation.  As the model for this photo I can tell you it was very hot wearing all this stuff and standing in front of to photo lamps while getting my picture taken for a good 45 minutes. I used a cheap tripod and Samsung note as my camera not any fancy dslr and awesome photography studio equipment. Also I wanted to mention that you can rent Photoshop for 20 bucks for a month ( or safe 20 bucks and pirate the software till you have the money to buy it) or save the money to buy it legitimately, but with this new rent feature Photoshop is accessible to all If you wanted to play with it and test it out before you commit to a big purchase.

Step 1: The Setup

If you have lights use them if not use natural sun light its great. Now set up your tripod and camera to a blank wall back ground. When it comes to the clothing coats, long sleeved shirts, gloves, and a face warping are all needed. However as you can see I leave pieces exposed I did this on purpose to sell the fact that I am invisible.
This is really cool!
thanks :D i original started this to be a slender man hipster XD but then it hit me to do a invisible man

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