Introduction: How to Create an Easy But Working Catapult-GMod

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This instructable will show you how to build a catapult in GMod.

Step 1: Base

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1st spawn a base. it has to be pretty big.

Step 2: Arms

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SPawn 2 long stick like props and motor (make the torque at 1000 so it can go far) the them to the center of the base do this on the other side to

Step 3: Holder Thingys

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now spawn to props that could be used as a holding bin. easy weld them to the pillars.

Step 4: Ropes

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get the holders into this position and rope the bottom to the ground

Step 5: Projectiles

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spawn some bouncy balls in the bins and ignite them

Step 6: Hit the Launch Buttons

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do it just press the button that is set as your forward


WhiteTech (author)2012-01-22

Oh Gmod. Love it. 200+ Hours I think Im at?

jwest3 (author)2011-07-08


N1CK4ND0 (author)2009-04-06

Pretty cool, I just downloaded GMOD off a torrent (so no online) but its pretty entertaining.

karmakid732 (author)N1CK4ND02009-04-11

if i were you i'd do wat you need to on torrent and uninstall it because it screws your computer up

N1CK4ND0 (author)karmakid7322009-04-11

Meh. thats only if you download a torrent with a virus in it.. I always take precautions on what which ones I download. Torrents themselves are harmless, it's what they install onto your computer that can be dangerous. Just stay away from porn...

karmakid732 (author)N1CK4ND02009-04-11

but thats the best stuff

beehard44 (author)karmakid7322010-12-27

there are other sources. Keep away from t0r33nt pr0n...

N1CK4ND0 (author)karmakid7322009-04-11


qwiboh (author)2009-07-18

can you get gmod for mac?

Nameless37 (author)qwiboh2009-09-06

Yeah you can I'm running it right now, there's some problems at times but its okay. You need Crossover Games and find a tut on youtube.

AJBrawlLvr (author)Nameless372010-10-11

not anymore its officialy out and runs natively

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