Picture of How to Create invisible Folder
This is old trick. with it you can create invisible folder. you can get more tricks for computer from the following blog and don't forgot to like our facebook page.


Let's Start

Step 1: Create New Folder

Picture of Create New Folder
First you have to create one folder. Right Click when you want to create invisible folder than click on new and then Folder.
Fmonster1 year ago
I'm stuck at step 2. T_T
errorcode401 (author)  Fmonster1 year ago
What you didnt understand in step 2???
Hylinus1 year ago
Shouldn't that be Alt-255? And you have to use the ten-key. Laptop keyboards usually have an Fn key to turn this feature on. Old DOS tricks that still work. Cool instruct able!
errorcode401 (author) 2 years ago
Thanks SydRules123 (^_^)
SydRules1232 years ago