How to Create the Perfect French Braid




Introduction: How to Create the Perfect French Braid  The youthful, romantic french braid is a great look for those days your hair is unwashed or unruly. And it's easier than you think to achieve.


1. Brush: Brush your hair and, if your hair is long, detangle with a spritz of water.

2. Divide: Grab an even section of hair, dividing it into three equal parts. Start a regular braid at the back middle of your head. Don't feel like you need to start so high up; begin right above your ear lobes.

3. Braid: Work your way all the way down, taking 1/2 to 1-inch sections of new hair from either side, joining them one at a time, into the main, middle braid. Make sure to keep the main braid, tight, and centered, as make your way down.

4. Finish: When you're done, you can choose to pull up some of your long bangs or layers out and to the front if you have some. Add a quick touch of hairspray to keep the fly-aways at bay.

TIPS: Before braiding, you may want to tame your hair with smoothing creme or a leave-in conditioner to help detangle curly or long, fine hair. If you miss strands of hair, don't worry: you can work loose pieces in later with bobby pins that match the shade of your hair. A messy french braid is modern and sexy!



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