How to Creep People Out





Introduction: How to Creep People Out

Is there some one you know who's a little jumpy? This instructable is going to tell you how to take advantage of that and make your victim hopefully give a little scream.

Step 1: Staring

You should probably start with this. While your victim is near or talking to you stare at something stationary, preferably a wall. This will make people feel slightly uncomfortable and prepares them for the next step.
Note: This will take a little bit of time to work and you may have to repeat it to make yourself seem permanently weird.

Step 2: Singing

This is a step that may be combined with staring. Randomly start singing any slightly eerie song, I suggest any oompa-loompa song from the original Willy Wonka movie. It will start to creep people out fairly quickly, it works best with no shown emotion.

Step 3: Weird Conversation

Talk about weird stuff. Some examples are:
Squid- For some reason people don't like them
LiO- It's a slightly disturbing comic
Disturbing jokes- such as "A baby seal walks into a club"
Weapon facts- It just creeps people out

Step 4: Creeping Around

This is the final step and will probably be the most rewarding. It is also very simple: be where the victim doesn't expect you to be. It helps if your in a darker place or on a hard to see object. If done well enough to the right person you could be rewarded with a small scream.

Step 5: Award.

Congratulations. You are now able to creep people out.



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    I just killed a whole herd of 'em in my yard. They haven't stopped coming. Everyone is dead. I have to go, I hear little feet-no. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

    Annoying little buggers, aren't they! I just use the Deinonychus in my back yard.

    Especially giant ones. They have those vicious little hooks on their arms...

    I'm personally a fan of the humboldt squid-- their known man eaters, nicknamed rojo diablo (red devil)

    i am a stutent of spanish, and the adjective comes after the noun (i.e. diablo rojo)

    Yeah, especially if there's a lot of them swarming around. But giant squid are pretty cool...

    The only tall one not dressed in purple.

    Another one picks you up and carries you to safety.

    Roger that, no soldier left behind!