How to Crochet Adult Fingerless Mitts / Gloves





Introduction: How to Crochet Adult Fingerless Mitts / Gloves

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A simple pattern to make a pair of Adult Fingerless Mitts that fit most large hand sizes.

Stitches will be in US terms otherwise general crochet knowledge is assumed.

ch - Chain

sc - Single crochet

dc - Double crochet

FPdc - Front post double crochet

BPdc - Back post double crochet

Step 1: Gather Supplies

For this pattern you'll need:

-a 4.5mm hook

-DK (8ply) or Worsted (10ply) yarn. (The DK works great for my gf's mitts the Worsted fits me better)

-Yarn needle (tapestry needle)


Step 2: Getting Started

Pattern Note - at the end of every round slip stitch back into the first stitch to complete.

Start - ch30 and join to work in the round (being careful not to twist)

1st round - ch1, sc around starting chains (30sc)

Step 3: Ribbing

2nd to 5th rounds - ch1, *FPdc, BPdc* rpt till end

Step 4: Body

7th to 16th round - ch1, sc around (30sc)

Step 5: Thumb Hole and Finish Body

17th round - ch1, sc in first, ch6 and skip the next 6 sc, sc until end

18th round - sc in first stitch, sc in each of the 6 chains from previous row, sc until end

19th to 20th rounds - sc around

Step 6: Ribbing Again

21st to 24th rounds - ch1, *FPdc, BPdc* rpt till end

Your mitt is now mostly complete, you just need to finish off the thumbhole.

Step 7: Finishing

If you've followed my instructions you should be able to eaily fit 14 stitches around the thumbhole.

So join the yarn and sc 14 then slst to first stitch to complete round. Then ch2 and *FPdc, BPdc* rpt till end

Weave in your ends with a yarn needle and cut off any remnant yarn.

Now make another one exactly the same and you're done, go wear them outside to keep your hands warm when the weather starts to get cold.

I usually give my finished pieces a soak in some wool wash before i'm done. I recommend it, but it's not a requirement.



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    its a very nice pattern but I wonder why I cannot download it?

    You need a pro account to download from instructables.

    Love to try this! Thanks, this is a awesome instructable

    Very nice, and great instructions too. I've never crocheted anything, but this makes me want to give it a shot. Thanks!

    Definitely give crochet a go and if you get stuck just watch some youtube videos to help work out what's going on (that's how i did it).