How to Crochet Awesome Black Suit Spiderman Fingerless Gloves

Picture of How to Crochet Awesome Black Suit Spiderman Fingerless Gloves
We can all agree that Spiderman is cool, but Spiderman in his symbiote suit? Epic. So when I started making Iron Man (Ala Louie's Loops), and Captain America (My own design, but like the goof I am I didn't take any pictures) fingerless gloves to give as birthday presents, my younger brother challenged me to make him a pair of Black Suit Spiderman gloves. and now I shall share how you (yes you!) can make a pair of your very own! After much adjustment, fiddling, wailing, gnashing of teeth, etc. I managed to create a pattern that is easily adjusted for different sized hands. The ones pictured are boys size, but I have also made average women's, and large men's gloves, all using the same basic formula.I will be using a different colored yarn to illustrate, because the bright blue will show up better in pictures. Enjoy!
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Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
1 Skein Black Cotton yarn (unless you have really large hands, in which case you may need 2) 
White cotton yarn
Size I Crochet hook
Yarn needle

Step 2: Making the Cuff

Picture of Making the Cuff
Ch 11
sc across (10 sc)
*Working in the back loops only, sc across (10 sc)
Repeat from * until desired length is reached 

Step 3: Putting the Cuff Ends Together

Picture of Putting the Cuff Ends Together
Pull loop through first ch made, sc 1 in
back loop of sc
Pull loop through next ch and continue
pattern to end. 

Do not cut!

Step 4: Body of the Glove

Picture of Body of the Glove
The following is worked in a continuous round:
Row 1:ch 1 sc in each st along the edge of the cuff
Row:2 *sc 4, 2 sc in next st repeat from * around
Round 3- 11 sc in each st around
To make thumb opening: Ch 4, skip 7 st, continue with sc around 4 more rounds.
Final round, sl st around
Cast off 

Now sit back and admire you handywork, then make another one! (I'd recommend at this point popping in a favorite movie/TV show to keep you entertained while working on this would be a good idea. Personally I watched some Darkwing Duck while working on this Instructable :D )
Very nicely done! That spider looks spot on!
monkeypenny (author)  Penolopy Bulnick2 years ago