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There are several good Instructables with crochet patterns that show you how to use granny squares to make afghans, hats, scarves, bags etc. However, I did not see one on how to make a granny square. I hope this Instructable will fit the bill. It will teach you how to create this basic shape. There are lots of pictures as well as a detailed video describing the process. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. Good luck!

If this feels a little overwhelming, you may want to start here to learn the basic crochet stitch. This is an instructable I made for those who are just discovering crocheting.

Step 1: Making the First Round - From Slipknot to Joining

Make a slipknot with your yarn and insert the hook into the knot.

Chain 4 stitches.

Insert your hook into the first stitch (closest to the slipknot).

Yarn over and pull the yarn through the stitch. Slip the stitch through the loop on your hook.

This creates the ring (center of the granny square). Take note of the hole in the center of the ring, this is where all the work will be done for the first round.

Chain 3 stitches.

Double crochet into the ring

Double crochet into the ring again.

This set of stitches is the first "shell" of the granny square. A shell consists of three double crochets together in the same space. Please note that the chain of 3 takes the place of a double crochet.

The first round will consist of four shells. You will need to chain 2 stitches between each shell in the first round.

Chain 2 and make another shell by doing three double crochets into the ring (this is shell number 2).

Chain 2 again, make another shell by doing three double crochets into the ring (this is shell number 3).

Chain 2, yet again, and make the last shell for round one.

You now have 4 shells and are ready to join them together.

Chain 2 stitches then insert your hook into the second stitch of the first shell you made (the second stitch on the chain 3 we did directly after making the ring).

With your hook through the stitch, yarn over and pull through. Slip stitch through the loop on your hook.

That concludes the first round. All subsequent rounds are just a repeat of this round. The only difference is the number of shells you will make and the amount of chain stitches between shells.

tobysmummy made it!2 months ago

thank you, this is so easy to follow. The first one went a little wrong but the 2nd came out fabulous but I'm not finished with it yet, thanks again :-)

ravenwing9992 months ago

Thank you SO much!! I am a knitter who could never figure out crochet. I have spent the last couple of days making a couple of granny squares, pulling them out and beginning again after looking at instructions...not yours, but in ebooks. While I learned each stitch, instructions for the granny stitch were not quite complete enough. For instance you showed which hole to use, you pointed out when to chain specific amounts and why. With other's instructions I kept getting only three shells. I knew it wasn't right, but kept going. Got some funny looking ones!

Perhaps this is why so many of us have had trouble with crochet. Anyway, I appreciate your help and the time it took to make your instructable.

SandyD23 months ago

thank you so much. my friend showed me this pattern a few years ago, but I had lost the pattern and lost touch with my friend. JUST like the one she showed me a few years ago !!

flabbatank5 months ago
I've completed a 17by 17 granny square ,but it's a bit rippled :( .What would be the best method to make the square flat and even . Thanxs
grafarena6 months ago

I think you forgot that you have to slip stitch 3 stitches to get to the first opening in round 2 before the 3 chains.

lizzie477 months ago
Excellent video ~ many thanks !
Samantha Cody10 months ago

what is your YouTube name? These are the easiest to follow videos!

nkurth1 year ago
i made it :-) my blanket is growing :-D
MaDaYoMaJe1 year ago

Thank You!

mhusnik1 year ago

Thank you! Excellent and very easy to follow instructions.

only just started was just practicing the basic stitches now I'm on my way to making my own blanket thanks for sharing great instructions simply and easy to follow :-D
cyberlis1 year ago
One of the best instruction on how to crochet a granny square that I've ever seen! Great video and great step-by-step instructions! Had I seen this when I was first learning how to crochet a granny square, I would have understood the process immediately! Great job on both video and written instructions!
fourcats351 year ago
This tutorial has got to be the best ever presented and/or published. Thank you for going slow and showing each step so clearly. This has been a tremendous help
russm313 (author)  fourcats351 year ago
Thank you very much for saying so. It's always nice to hear that I was able to help someone. :)
Thank you! This actually makes sense! Other explanations made me feel like an idiot.
Thank god! Finally a granny square pattern I can understand!
Thank god! Finally a granny square pattern I can understand!
Thank you so much for these easy to follow instructions, I have tried many different websites and utube instructions but these are by far the best. I am now well on may way to making a granny blanket :-)
Poo09093 years ago
Wonderful. I am trying my best to do a Granny Square. I have the wool, I have the crochet hook, I have my hands and I have your instructable. It can't be so hard now, can it?
Here I go.........

bladeyarn4 years ago
I've attempted learning to crochet before, but no dice. Thanks to this Instructable, I can now make granny squares! Thank you very much!
lakramer5 years ago
I've never crocheted before, but your step-by-step pictures make it look so easy! I'm definitely going to try this now that I have clear instructions on how to crochet. Thank you for the help! <3
russm313 (author)  lakramer5 years ago
That sounds great! Please let me know how it goes and if I can help along the way.
Iridium75 years ago
 made 2 squares today. 138 more to go.
russm313 (author)  Iridium75 years ago
Awesome!  Hope they go well.
acexkeikai5 years ago
Thank you I never understood where you inserted the hook to join :) now I know Thank you very much :)
russm313 (author)  acexkeikai5 years ago
I am very glad it was helpful.  You are welcome.
Kiteman5 years ago
Years before I was born, my grandmother made a whole double-bed sized blanket out of these squares - she made them with scraps (she did a lot of knitting), so every square was different.

I still have the blanket.
russm313 (author)  Kiteman5 years ago
I love stories like that.  I bet it is a unique blanket, for sure.  I will have an instructable coming soon on a creative way to use these squares. 
It's really warm over a quilt, but it weighs a ton, which Kitewife finds uncomfortable.