How to Crochet a Heart


Introduction: How to Crochet a Heart

Hi Guys, so i made this easy tutorial sometime ago and thought to share it with you, I also have the same video made with left hand , hope you like it :)



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    Not really, I'm a left handed crocheter, but I use an app to make for right hand coz many of my subscribers are and they like watching my videos :)

    OK cool :-). I can crochet either way but I generally favor the left hand.

    One suggestion: you say you made the same video with the left hand, but you don't include a link here or in the YouTube video description, so the only way to find it is to go to your channel and look for it and that's kind of a hassle. Could you add the link?

    Sure, thank you for the suggestion :)

    I made tons of these and gave them to random people and hope it made their day. Anyways great instructable!!

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    I also hope it made their day, thank you for stopping by :)