Picture of How to Crochet a Hemp Bracelet or Anklet
I love hemp jewelry, but I've never made any of my own. Mostly, because the hemp knotting looked fairly complicated. Fortunately, hemp is pretty versatile, so I'm able to crochet with it! Using super basic stitches like the chain stitch and the single crochet stitch, we can whip up a hemp bracelet or anklet in not time flat!

This tutorial will actually yield two different bracelets or anklets (or one of each). There will be a stopping point at which time you can close up shop and be done with a more "simplified" version of this (no button, thinner, but with seed beads), or you can continue on with the last few steps and get one more like what's pictured here. The choice is yours!

All you need for this project are: scissors, about 30' hemp cord, seed beads, very cool button, "I" crochet hook, yarn needle, glue, and 2 optional beads (for the ties).

by Rachel at TLC Inspirations
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Step 1: Prep Your Hemp Cord

Picture of Prep Your Hemp Cord
Fold your 30' piece of hemp cord in half, then take one of the cut ends and put a very thin layer of glue on, using your fingers. We're talking about a drop here, folks! Use a twisting motion going with the direction of the hemp fibers, when applying, so that it creates a point. We're doing this to make it easier to slide on your beads, otherwise the hemp fibers will fray apart, making it impossible to strand anything on there.

Just use regular white glue or something similar. It should dry fairly quickly.

Step 2: Strand Your Beads

Picture of Strand Your Beads
Now that your glue is dry, you need to strand your beads onto the hemp cord. Start with your seed beads - for a small ankle, you will need about 20-22 beads, but add more, just in case you need extra. You can always remove them later. End with an "optional" bead of your choice, which will be use for the end of the tie.

When you're done stranding these one, go ahead and slide them up to within about 8" of where you folded your cord in half.
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